Meet Terra

Meet Terra

Zoeyjane with Busy Dad and Miss Britt Reflecting in her Sun Glasses

“Forgive yourself.  You’re the one who deserves it.”

That was the last sentence that Grace Davis spoke at her Keynote speech at BlogHer.   With tears in my eyes I panned the full room, hearing sniffles and observing tear streaked cheeks, and they landed on Terra.  She was up from her seat, in the arms of Angie, and I felt compelled to go to her.

I think I hugged her.  I think I kissed her cheek.  I think I asked her if she was ok.   I don’t remember exactly, though, because all I can clearly remember is the look on her face.  The face of a young woman wise beyond her years.  The face of a young woman who has been to hell and back.  The face of a young woman  learning to forgive herself.

Terra and I worked on a project together.  We had our individual work to be done, but we worked together.  I would be up late, trying to finish, to make the deadline, and instead of working I would be chatting with Terra.   We really got to know each other during that time and I looked forward to meeting her at BlogHer.

“Have you seen Terra yet?”

“Has Terra come in yet?”

“I hope I see Terra soon.”

When I did see her she was out, though. Literally out.  I was taken aback and  I didn’t know what to think.   I saw pain in her eyes, however it wasn’t until I saw the look in her face at the Keynote Speech that I understood.   Then bits and pieces of conversations flooded me.  It wasn’t about me. Or [you.] Or [them.]  It was about her.  She was dealing with everything and nothing and then some.

Yesterday she posted her manifesto.

Terra has had so much heartache.

Terra has had so much hardship.

Terra has seen so much ugliness.


Terra also has a strong soul.

Terra will always prevail.

Terra is beautiful.

Of all this I am certain…

Another thing I am certain of is that Terra—no matter what—will always have a friend in me.

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18 Responses to “Meet Terra”
  1. 08.12.2009

    This is beautiful.

  2. 08.12.2009

    I love this series you’re doing. Glad I got to hang with Terra and some of the other fine folks you’re profiling here (including you)!

  3. 08.12.2009

    You made me cry. In a good way.

    Love you. Really.

  4. 08.12.2009

    Thank you! I love doing it this way. It’s really making me grateful for the whole BlogHer experience!

  5. 08.12.2009

    Terra is pretty fucking amazing.

  6. 08.12.2009

    What a beautiful tribute.

  7. 08.12.2009

    As per usual, you’ve nailed it perfectly.

  8. I love her.

  9. 08.12.2009

    I am so bummed it didn`t work out to meet Terra. But I will. Someday. I cannot wait for that day. This is beautiful.

  10. 08.12.2009

    Yes, Terra. I have a special place in my heart for her.

  11. 08.12.2009

    I know you do.

  12. 08.12.2009

    Terra is wonderful.

    Mishi you are so sweet it breaks me.

  13. 08.13.2009

    Terra is fabulous.

  14. 08.13.2009

    As are you! I wish you were there. A Meet Christine post is what I’m missing.

  15. 08.14.2009

    Terra is like no other. I expect her to be ruling the world at some point. Intense. Raw. Beautiful. Intelligent…fierce.

    And a knockout. Great post and pic!

  16. 08.14.2009

    This is lovely – so is Terra – so are you.

  17. 08.15.2009

    I send love, blessings and all good things to both you and Terra. The two of you are my true sisters.

    Always and always, Grace

  18. These letters are so great! I love that you are doing this. I only wish I’d met more of these amazing women. :)

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