M{eye} Love

Day 24 | M{eye} Love

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.

—Sylvia Plath

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9 Responses to “M{eye} Love”
  1. 01.24.2010

    I’ve been admiring your work since the very first Blissdom. Came over here tonight via Velveteen Mind link.

  2. 01.24.2010

    I’m really into the eye shots lately, too. Yours are fantastic, and this is my fave.

  3. 01.24.2010


  4. 01.24.2010

    Very nice!

  5. 01.25.2010

    Love it!

  6. 01.25.2010

    Windows to the soul… love the Plath quote.

  7. Smart ladies. Both you and Ms. Plath.

  8. 01.25.2010

    You are… BEAUTY.

  9. 03.10.2010

    Love. So. Much.

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