My parents wanted a son.

They got a daughter.

And when it came time to name their daughter my mother suggested to my father that they name her after his mother.  Her name was Danica, so she offered Daniella, which he vehemently rejected.   The reason being pain—pain can definitely lead one’s decisions.

My parents wanted a son.

They got a daughter.

They flipped open the baby name book and landed on Michael (how’s that for foreshadowing?), and with that they decided to name the baby girl Michelle.   My mom, however, wanted to change it up.  She wanted to use an ‘s’ the way it was spelled in [Macedonian]:  Mišel.  Oh, but how could a young, immigrant, new mother know anything?   The nurse helping my mother with the birth certificate changed the ‘s’ to a ‘c’ and my mother didn’t fight it when the official record came through.

They wanted a son.

They got a daughter.

One day, during my senior year in high school, my mother told me how she had intended for the spelling of my name to be “Mishelle” as opposed to “Michelle”.   That’s all I had to hear.  Because isn’t that the coolest?  I knew plenty of Michelles, but not one, single Mishelle!  I haven’t officially changed my name, but someday I will.

My parents wanted a son.

They got me, and I’m their only.

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13 Responses to “Michelle=Mishi=Mishelle”
  1. Loves.

    And yes I did look for a picture of me. And YES it’s a good one!

    You’re beautimous.

  2. I, for one, am glad that they got you!

  3. 12.04.2009

    I am so sad I never got close enough to you to be in the same shot as you. That said, I love every one of the shots of you that I see here.

  4. 12.04.2009

    love this

  5. 12.05.2009

    And, I am SO glad we have you.

  6. 12.05.2009

    I’m grateful for your parents :) They created one rockin’, awesome, incredible woman that I am proud to know!

  7. 12.06.2009

    Love, love, love this.

  8. 12.06.2009

    We love that you are here, just exactly, specifically the way you are.

  9. 12.06.2009

    Oh how very cool! Love all the SPs :)

  10. so grateful to know you and to be your friend. and thank you for including me…THAT made me smile, HUGE!

  11. 12.07.2009

    Am so glad they have a daughter, because you are FABULOUS and perfect. I love you!! XOXO

  12. 12.07.2009

    Absolute perfection.

  13. So I WASN’T wrong ;-)

    However, you are totally Mishelle, Mishi.. because you are the only one. You are your own woman. You are powerful, unique, the only. You are a force who is nearly indescribable.


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