Monochromatic Wall of Lane

I’ve been dreaming about creating a photo wall, up along the stairs, for as long as I can remember, since our first house, back in Buffalo.  I’ve finally gotten around to it, and I’ve decided that the whole wall is going to be black-and-white portraiture.  Right now I’ve only got three photos up there, but I’ve got a growing folder of pictures ready to get printed, either to be framed or made into a canvas print.  I want a mix of both, really.   I also want a mix of posed and candid shots.  This summer I want this wall to be covered in photos!

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Yesterday, Davey and I traveled into Atlanta for a birthday party for Renee’s little boy, Mekhi.  Davey was so excited.  Not only did he get to see Mekhi again, the party was at Imagine It! Children’s Museum and there would be so much for him to see and do.  Add pizza and cake; Davey was in his element!

I brought my camera along—50mm f/1.4 affixed—and snapped away.   I wanted to document the day, from my perspective for my friend, but also I was sure that there would be some cool captures that would make it into the folder for my “Monochromatic Wall of Lane”.

They aren’t the typical posed portrait, but I love them just the same.


I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to turn one of my photos to canvas and they also gave me an 8×10 canvas print to giveaway, to [you] one of my readers.
The middle canvas, of all four of the kids, was from them.
The site was easy to use, and the canvas is just awesome.  At Easy Canvas Prints, turning your favorite photo to canvas is so easy that all you do is choose what size you want, upload your photo, select the border, and you even have the option to apply affects.
To be entered in the 8×10 CANVAS GIVEAWAY just link me in the comment section to a photo (on your blog or photo sharing site) that you would love to have printed on canvas.  You can change your mind as to what picture you actually print, if you win, I just love an excuse to see your favorite photos!
The giveaway will end a week from today, and you can share a link a day, everyday of the week, to be entered!
That’s good odds, yo…

[Easy Canvas Prints provided me with a 12×12 canvas print, but I was not compensated monetarily for this post.]

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20 Responses to “Monochromatic Wall of Lane”
  1. 06.06.2011

    I love this picture of Annie, it sums her up perfectly!

  2. 06.06.2011

    This is my favorite sunset shot.

  3. 06.07.2011

    One of my favorite shots that was captured accidentally!

  4. Heathersaurus

    This is the first of a few that I’m undecided about!

  5. Heathersaurus

    I really really like this one!

  6. 06.07.2011

    Oh, right now I would totally do this one:

    It’s my current favorite picture of my born model :)

  7. 06.08.2011

    A couple we adore is expecting their first child. I snapped this shot at a mutual friend’s wedding and I would love to give it to them as a gift.

  8. 06.08.2011

    I would probably pick this picture of Katelyn and I (taken by the fabulous Heather Spohr)

  9. 06.08.2011

    This is the second of a few that I’m undecided about.

  10. 06.09.2011

    I love this photo of my little miss, yelling at us to follow her:

  11. 06.10.2011

    I definitely need a photo of me and my girl

  12. 06.11.2011

    And of course, one of my guy and gal.

  13. 06.13.2011

    And if I wanted to go with nature, there is this one:

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