Music Makes the People Come Together

“I’ll give you a hundred bucks for it.”


“I’ll give you a hundred and ten.”


“Ok, can you go buy me one?  Here’s my card.”

That was a conversation that my dad and I had on the last day I was in Buffalo, a few weeks ago.  He was talking about my iPod Touch.   The whole week he played with it; he listened to my music, looked up words on the dictionary, goofed with the atomic fart generator, and looked around on Facebook.  Basically, he fell in love.   What’s not to love?  I love it so much I want to have little iBabies with it.

When I got home with it and we got it all working, he asked if I could help him put music on it.   So, I plugged it into my laptop and got all 865 of my music files synced to his device.   Sharing music like this opens doors in relationships.  It can tell a lot about person.

It’s no secret how much I love music.   If you are one of my Tweeties you know that I’m also a Blipping fool.   Prior to that I was into Project Playlist (which I still use and update) and I often featured songs and lyrics on my Myspace.   Prior to that prior I used to moderate a bulletin board on a Mama Drama site where, basically, I posted all my favorite songs and lyrics.   I’ve been doing that all my life.  I hear a song, fall in love with it, and over play the hell out of it!

* * * *

Yesterday we took a drive in the mountains.  It just so happened that the town that we were going to was having a little Art Festival.  We walked around, took in the sights, ate some gourmet corn-dogs, and got to hear some interesting sounds.   When we first got there we heard this Native American man playing these these awesome wood pipes, and at the end of our time there we stumbled upon these three men getting down under a shade tree.


Dude, could it get any more perfect? Art appreciation.  Picture taking.  Good food smells.  No rain.  And music!    It absolutely COULD NOT get any better.  Oh well, maybe it could but I’ll leave that for another post.  *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

Oh music, how I love thee!  You pick me up, when I’m feeling down.  You energize me when my batteries are low and give me inspiration.  You trip me into another space when tripping without drugs is needed.   You allow me a moment or seventy-four of zen.  You grip me.  You make me think.  You are the perfect friend.

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12 Responses to “Music Makes the People Come Together”
  1. 05.25.2009

    A few weeks ago there was a Native American music festival close by. The music was incredible ~ literally heartbreaking to listen to – almost ethereal. I love that kinda stuff. You would have been in heaven.

  2. 05.25.2009

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Music helps me be me. Music brings people together and there is nothing better than sharing it with people you love.

    xo babe

  3. My mom had a tape (yes, a tape) when I was growing up of some band that rocked those wooden fltes. I think they were called Embaya. Check them out on YouTube. Very addictive.

  4. Scratch that. It’s Imbaya, not Embaya. Listening to them now. So beautiful.

  5. 05.26.2009

    Oh wow, how very special are those photos!

  6. 05.26.2009

    Hello fellow blipping fool! I’ve got one for you. Pandora Radio at – You will love it! It’s internet radio. Let me know what you think.

  7. 05.26.2009

    Cool. That metal guitar looking thing is called a dobro, I think. A very distinctive sound. That must have been very cool.

  8. 05.26.2009

    Music makes it or breaks it, baby. What a great moment to share music with your dad. My parents have been bystanders on the road of digital music, but every now and then they think about making the leap. It sure has been fun trying to convince them. Great post!

  9. 05.27.2009

    I am so jealous…you find the coolest things. I really need to get out more. If my brats would just potty train I’d feel better doing it…I’d hae $30 more per week to spend on gas and such *lol*

  10. How cool that your dad loves the iPod =)

    Also, how cool that you just happened upon wonderful music. I love when that happens!

  11. Love you blip tweets.

    I do the same thing with a favorite song = play it to DEATH!

    I love to discover new music, the spontaneous discovery of a super great tune.

    This is a favorite of mine that was accidently discovered –
    but my favorite tunes are from Khronos

    lyrics here

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