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Every day I do something that I love. It’s the one way that I have ensured, over the past couple of years, that I am nurturing my self, my soul, my passion. And, that is photography. When I have a camera in my hand (from my professional 5DMarkII to my starter Rebel Xti to the trusty camera on my cell phone), I am doing what I love. Nurturing this part of me allows my creative spirit to be free, and when this happens everyone benefits. I am happier, and thus my family is happier (well, unless they’re rolling their eyes at me because, really, one more picture?)

There’s something about the whole process of photography, from composing the shot, to editing, to sharing with the world. but the best part about it is how it changes the way you see the world around you. Things you probably wouldn’t notice before your eye is trained to see, pop out at you. Like the way the sun dances on, and through, the weeds. Those very weeds, that most people find bothersome and ugly [to the photographer] are a sea of contrasting earth tones that bend and sway in the breeze, begging for our attention.

Just the other day I was running into Sally’s to find some of that new Crackle nail polish by China Glaze, and as I was jumping over a puddle I quickly noticed the way the sunlight was hitting the water, reflecting, with these beautiful little pink petals that had blown into the pool during the rain storm earlier in the day. I didn’t have a camera on me, but I caught a glimpse of something that I might have totally disregarded before….

Photography has allowed me to see the beauty around me. The beauty in people. The beauty in animals. The beauty in a simple, crooked branch, a puddle of water, a rusty old truck, and so much more.  My eye beholds it all; seeing through photographic expression is My TimeM’eye Time.

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3 Responses to “My Time”
  1. 03.10.2011

    Yes. I am more ‘me’ with a camera in my hands, too.

    And I’m glad you share the products of your me time with us!

  2. 03.11.2011

    110% agree. The more I carry around my dslr and just take pictures, the more I notice the little things and want to capture them. Sometimes I actively want to pull off the interstate in search of a dilapidated old barn I glimpsed as I drove past, to grasp it before it falls apart. Beautiful post!

  3. 03.11.2011

    So true. I’ve often said, photography causes me to linger more. I study the details like I never did before. I notice the unnoticed, and in a good way. I really look for the beauty in things and I feel like, when you’re doing that, even things that are often considered plain or unremarkable suddenly seem interesting and beautiful. It has actually caused me to have a more positive attitude about a lot of things in the world… if that makes sense?

    Loved this, especially since it rang so true with me. xo

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