Weekly Winners {The “My blog has been waiting for this moment its whole life” Edition}

My blog has been waiting for me to return to New Orleans. She’s been ever-so patient, too.

Back when Katrina hit, I blogged extensively about my feelings for what happened and what people were going through. It’s ironic that I’m in New Orleans this weekend, on a sponsored trip, one that is essentially a hope mission.

There are still people feeling the affects of Katrina. And there are always people whose stories should be told.  There’s always hope to give and receive.  I look forward to being able to share stories and images—from this weekend—that has already been filled with Loads of Hope.

For now, though.. Here’s a bit of The French Quarter, through my lens:

New Orleans


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38 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The “My blog has been waiting for this moment its whole life” Edition}”
  1. 12.13.2009

    Very very cool. I would love to visit too one day.

  2. 12.13.2009

    I can’t wait for you to get back so I can see the remaining 6,382,392,880 pictures of my beloved Crescent City.

  3. 12.13.2009

    You’re making me jealous. It’s been years since I’ve been to NOLA. I think a trip is order. These shots are fantastic, and only the New Orleans you can envision.

  4. 12.13.2009

    These are so great! I love the streets at night!

  5. 12.13.2009

    I have been wanting to visit New Orleans for years, ever since I read The Witching Hour series… it sounded like such a fascinating city! These pictures just make me want to visit it even more! It might be tougher now that I am back in Europe, but I’ll get there one day :-)

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!

  6. 12.13.2009

    Beautifully enchanting dear friend. These make me crave exploring a city – I’ve never been to. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. 12.13.2009

    Oh wow, love the colours and the buildings!

  8. 12.13.2009

    These are magnificent!!! I love the b&w one at night.

  9. I would loooove to visit New Orleans! I’m so jealous! Beautiful photos!

  10. My favorite city as seen through my favorite photographer?


  11. 12.13.2009

    Sam those are amazing…I love your eye. When I see your photos, I feel all sexy and right there with you. You are a storyteller mah friend.

  12. 12.13.2009

    It was great meeting you! I am glad y’all got a chance to tour the City even though the weather didn’t quite cooperate! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  13. amazing photos. absolutely gorgeous!

  14. 12.13.2009

    I have never been, and yet you capture the city with your very own special magic. I adore you – and your talent.

  15. AWESOME!

  16. 12.13.2009

    loving these shots!! its been years since ive been to NOLA, i miss it. my mom is there today for her anniversary, ive told her to swing by wal-mart and visit the loads of hope crew! so glad all of you are doing this, able to help, show hope!

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I haven’t been to New Orleans for years, but I remember the magic that seems to steep in the gutters and spread over everything. I love your pictures in the rain the most. fantastic.

  18. 12.13.2009

    OMG! makes me want to be there RIGHT NOW!!!! I don’t know why between two acadian stronghold, I chose to move to MOntreal instead of New Orleans…

  19. 12.13.2009

    Gorgeous, Mishi. If I hadn’t already wanted to visit for a zillion years, I would have fallen in love, right here.

  20. 12.13.2009

    Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  21. 12.13.2009

    These are beautiful!

  22. 12.13.2009

    Beautiful pictures.

  23. 12.13.2009

    These are amazing! I’m truly blown away by these.

  24. 12.13.2009

    I’ve never been there, but it seems like a great place to visit… and I’ve wondered how the city has recovered since Katrina. Great shots. They feel somehow… lonely. There’s a real sense of age with your photos–you know the city’s been there for a while.

  25. 12.13.2009

    I don’t know if I ever told you or not, but Pickles my working dog for the deaf is a Katrina survivor. She was abandoned as a pup and spent a year after being passed from one shelter to another until the agency I obtained her from found her. (Hugs)Indigo

  26. 12.13.2009

    Incredible. I have no words, Mishi.

  27. *sigh*

    simply incredible. I cannot wait to hear all about the powerful experience.

  28. 12.14.2009

    Amazing!!! I have always wanted to visit NOLA but have yet to make it. :::Sigh::: One of these days I will get there. But for now, thanks for sharing the wonderful city from your view which as always… Amazing!!

  29. 12.14.2009

    NO is one of my favorite places! I’ve been many times, but not since Katrina. Your shots are wonderful. You’ve captured it looking very French- which is so appropriate!

  30. Jana

    You totally sold me! These pics are breathtaking!

  31. 12.15.2009

    Ahhh, what amazing pictures from an amazing place. I do love me some NOLA and I haven’t been in a long time. I need to get back there again soon. I’m hungry!

  32. 12.16.2009

    awesome. i love looking through your lens …

  33. 12.17.2009

    I can`t tell you how much I love these shots. Please come to Japan and look at it through your lens. You do amazing stuff with your camera, Mishi.

  34. 12.17.2009

    I’ve looked at these a few times since you posted them because they are absolutely stunning. Well done, M.

  35. 12.23.2009

    …and the rain is relentless… beautiful shots.

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