No More Pre-Packaged Cookies Here

Part of my new year’s resolution is to make things from scratch.  My goal is to eliminate all processed foods from our family’s diet.  That means no more boxes of ‘just add water’ pancake mix.  No more boxed cake mix or canned frosting (I’ve already mastered this one.)   I’m even going to attempt making my own biscuits this week.   I’m sure it’s really easy, and probably way more satisfying.   And, it’s so fun to photograph food!

This past weekend I wanted to make the family some kind of treat.  They wanted Hello Dollies, but I wanted to make some good, old-fashioned cookies.   I settled on making Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies from my new favorite foodie blog find, The Brown Eyed Baker.


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9 Responses to “No More Pre-Packaged Cookies Here”
  1. 01.11.2011

    You have the best ideas. I bet baking from scratch is also less expensive.

    Those cookies look incredible.

  2. 01.11.2011

    I am struggling with this. I’d love to start it but I feel afraid.
    How far are you going with “nothing from scratch”? Like, are you going to make your own spaghetti? Pizza crust? What about mayonaise – are you going to make that from scratch too? Are you going to make your own breakfast cereal?

    There is no way in hell I’d make my own mayonaise. I feel like a champ because I make my own Chicken nooodle soup, which really, I don’t deserve any pat on the back for that.

    I am asking because I am wondering if I can say, “I am not eating packaged foods” without becoming Amish.


  3. those look delish!

  4. 01.11.2011

    My goal is to definitely cut back on processed foods (She says as she scarfs on a candy bar)…mostly because for health reasons we need to. Hubs has diabetes and our usual meals aren’t going to cut it. That being said, I love baking cookies, making my own breads…those parts aren’t my problem…believe it or not, my problem is actually managing to cook dinner every night.

  5. 01.12.2011

    I’m taking baby steps. I want to make my own bread and pizza dough. I want to make treats like this for the family. But, not mayonaise. Yet. I would like to try it, though.

    Baby steps. :)

  6. 01.21.2011

    love love love

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