No Pain, No Gain… No Sleep

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new design layout by now.  I didn’t create the design, I just deployed it, and surprisingly with minimal headache!  After that was all done, I took it upon myself to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.  Well, that’s where the pain began.  Other upgrades have gone smoothly, but this one was a dick in the ass.  I managed to get it all squared away (it’s friggin’ 4:30am!!) and all seems to be well, except the order of Mishi’s sidebar widgets and a couple of late night comments may have been lost.  She’ll make that all pretty and correct later this morning, well, except for the missing comments… She’s good, but not that good! 

If you experience any errors with, please let Mishi know.  I’m off to bed finally.

Secret Agent Papa


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7 Responses to “No Pain, No Gain… No Sleep”
  1. 06.30.2008

    It’s funny that you said “dick in the ass” based on what I said last night when you came to bed.

    Thank you for staying up late and for doing this for me. I’ve felt a change was needed for SAM dot com, and this is just perfect. For this I will let you love me “more” this week, k?

  2. 06.30.2008

    Very smart, I like it!
    I still have to do the whole “own” domain thing, I just don’t have the time.

  3. 06.30.2008

    I like it. I keep hearing people griping about the whole New WordPress thing, it seems to screw everyone.
    I love it though.
    Agent Provocateur, that’s awesome.

  4. 06.30.2008

    Woo hoo! Lookin’ good.

  5. 06.30.2008

    Nice work on the blog, Michael. Classy!

  6. 06.30.2008

    Aw, you guys are such cute little lovebirds. Dick in the ass. Oh. My. :)

    This does look fantabulous!

  7. 06.30.2008

    ::: waving at Michael :::

    Looks good! :)

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