Today, over at Blissfully Domestic | Photo Bliss I have written about one of my obsessions.

The other one is easy to guess:

Day 26: Minor Obsession

Michael brought home all these magazines this weekend, and even got me a subscription to two of them.   A plethora of information for us photography geeks!    Lots to learn; there’s always a lot to learn!

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10 Responses to “Obsessions”
  1. 01.26.2009

    As a reader of a few of those, there is little to be learned. They are mostly little more than “gear porn.” Go to rangefindermag.com and click the “subscribe” link at the top, free subscriptions to “qualified photographic professionals,” whatever that means. They’ll take anyone, look at me. It’s still gear porn, but it’s free gear porn.

  2. 01.26.2009

    I won a subscription to Popular Photography magazine and I’ve found lots of good tips and tricks. Personally, I’d rather hold a magazine in my hand then spend MORE hours on the computer.

  3. 01.26.2009

    Congrats on being a finalist for the Bloggies! Which of this mags would you recommend for a newbie, if any?

  4. I just want you to teach me how to take pictures. So glad my ballot helped you get into the finals.

  5. 01.26.2009

    Just found your site and am pretty excited to look thru all the photos. Good magazines by the way.

  6. 01.26.2009

    Mishelle you even make magazines look good! I was looking at a few Saturday night at Borders but I didn’t buy any…maybe I should!

  7. 01.27.2009

    I just found your site, love the photos and love your way with words. I am new to blogging and new to photography. I am just a point and shooter. Hope to get a better camera soon and continue on with my passion.
    http://www.happyheiferhouse.blogspot.com I am a fun loving, wildly weird, bad spelling mommy of two and married to my cattle ranching husband

  8. 01.27.2009

    There is nothing like a crisp new mag in your hands is there :) Enjoy – and I love the image!

  9. 01.27.2009

    how exciting. I love magazines….but am so pressed for time these days. Seriously, my JOB is getting in the way of my LIFE. sigh….

  10. ginger

    Oh wow, I see I need to run to the store:)

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