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Yesterday was the last day of Earth® Exer-Walk™ Challenge.   I’m late on posting because I went to the Home and Housewares Show in Chicago (more on that later), and I made the worst, biggest, horribly vain mistake ever: I didn’t wear my sneakers. I wanted to wear my boots to be all ‘Oh look at my sexy legging clad legs with my sexy leather slouch boots.’ You know, the legs whose muscles are definitely more firm because of the Exer-Walk™ sneakers!

The legs attached to the feet that were hurting from said sexy leather slouch boots.

Boy, am I dumb or what?  I totally should have brought my sneakers and just kicked it in jeans.  I think I said this, out-loud,  like forty-seven million times, too.

Veggie Lunchie Veggie Breakie

I’ve lost a few pounds this month.  Nothing monumental, but it’s a start.   To be exact, I’ve lost 3.8lbs.   I’ve exercised–even though my knee hurt–and I’ve made other changes to my diet.  Over the past (almost) three weeks I’ve only eaten meat twice (and one time was because I just wasn’t about to pass up filet mignon, yo.)

I’ve cut my fat intake drastically, all by switching to a more plant based diet, though I am still eating dairy.  And, it’s made a HUGE difference in my blood sugar levels.

This weight-loss, health journey has just started.  I know there will be times that I eat meat, or chocolate, or cheesecake.  I know there will be times that I opt for boots over sneakers.  I know there will be times that my knee will hurt too much to exercise.  But, I’m going to keep trying, and I won’t give up.

[As part of the challenge I was provided with the Earth® Exer-Walk™ sneakers pictured above, but the opinions during the challenge–written posts and tweets on Twitter–are purely my own.]

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16 Responses to “Of the Earth”
  1. 03.16.2010

    Good for you on the loss, babe. Whoever said that you can’t make friends with salad was a dumbass.

  2. 03.16.2010

    Filet is the only thing keeping me from becoming a vegetarian. Well, that and I’m pretty picky about vegetables…
    Good for you. Keep it up.

  3. 03.16.2010

    ADORE visiting you! Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  4. 03.16.2010

    Thank you for your readership! Hopefully someday we can sit together and have a meal.

  5. 03.16.2010

    It was the perfect menu and I had to splurge.

  6. 03.16.2010

    It was your nudge. Thank you.

  7. 03.18.2010

    Just put everything in moderation and keep a very active lifestyle, the weight loss will definitely follow. If your knee continues to hurt, I suggest you see a doctor immediately, just to make sure that there is nothing wrong. You may want to visit a gym one time and consult a professional trainer, again just to check if you are not doing anything that can damage your knee. Congrats on the 3.8lbs loss!

  8. 03.18.2010

    Vanity is a killer to the tootsies. Congrats on the loss. Rooting for your health!

  9. 03.18.2010

    I almost always wear comfortable shoes over “dayum-those-shoes-are-hawt” shoes because I don’t like the way I feel while I’m wearing pretty shoes – like I’m too hurty to revel in sexy leggies. I’m trying to convince myself that comfort is cute too.

    But awesome progress!

  10. 03.18.2010

    Thanks, Victor! My knee is from an injury from when I used to do Macedonian folk dancing. When I over work it, it hurts. I think I’ll need a replacement someday.

  11. 03.18.2010

    Thanks, Deb!!

  12. 03.18.2010

    Comfort IS cute–can be cute—and I know it.. But, dammit, I just like to play dress up too much!

  13. 03.18.2010

    I looked a the picture i shot of you last July – and then the one of you and I at Gino’s from last Sunday. Girl. There’s a difference. hubba hubba

  14. 03.18.2010

    Keep up the good work! You’ve got a great start. As long as you’re healthy and feeling good, the weight will take care of itself :)

  15. Rachel

    I love that we are on the same page! I love that you lost 3.8 baby! Keep healthy!

  16. 04.20.2010

    Congratulations on the weight loss! Way to go!

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