Oh, To Be Young Again

Next year marks 20 years since my Senior Prom. I’ll never forget the day… The Grateful Dead were playing at Rich Stadium and our limo driver got into a crash with a Volkswagen mini-bus filled with hippies.  Thankfully, the crash was before my date and I were picked up.  This made for some “fun” time spent on the back porch with my already uncomfortable date (I’ll save that story for another time, I promise!) and my whole family.  I’m just saying maybe getting into a crash with hippies might of been a whole different kind of fun.  Not to mention that there’s a video tape of me leaving, with said uncomfortable date, and you can clearly hear my father tell my uncle to “write down the license plate.”   You, know, just in case the driver was really a serial killer of something.  But, I digress…

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking pictures for a family friend’s daughter and her friends before their Junior/Senior Prom.  This group of kids was gorgeous.  Classy.  Elegant. Smart.  Polite.    Everything that makes a parent proud.  I could have stayed there all day, taking pictures!

These are my favorites from the day:


















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4 Responses to “Oh, To Be Young Again”
  1. 05.11.2011

    STUNNING pics! And I simply adore all of their dresses!

  2. Malia

    Those are the best prom pictures I’ve ever seen! Wish I’d done something like that once upon a time. They’re so much better than those ones that we had done at the prom, which were basically school pictures but with better clothes on. LOL

  3. 05.16.2011

    So lovely.

  4. 05.18.2011

    Just gorgeous!! What an awesome setting!

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