Oldest and Youngest; Best Friends

Oldest and Youngest; Best Friends

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20 Responses to “Oldest and Youngest; Best Friends”
  1. Jientje

    What a beautiful memory!
    The sepia makes it look like a memory from a long time ago…

  2. 02.04.2009

    It can’t get any sweeter than that!

  3. 02.04.2009

    That is an absolutely beautiful photo! You can really feel the love :)

  4. 02.04.2009

    Lovely :-)

  5. 02.04.2009

    woah, not sure why my previous entry is gibberish. I think the picture is lovely. the dog just captures my eye.

  6. 02.04.2009

    ohhhhh I love puppy kisses!

  7. 02.04.2009

    nothing says lov’n like a puppy kiss!!

  8. Friggin adorable.

  9. 02.04.2009

    So cute!

  10. 02.04.2009

    Beautiful photo. I would have to put it in a frame.

  11. 02.04.2009

    That is just the sweetest thing! That must be a tasty nose!

  12. 02.04.2009

    Sweet doggy kisses!

  13. 02.04.2009

    So many levels of sweetness to love. I wish you were bringing your kids to Blissdom. I mean, it might hinder some of the drinkage after the cocktail party, but I just get the idea that they are all really cool little people.

  14. 02.04.2009

    Sweet, sweet doggy breath and brothers.

  15. 02.04.2009

    what a lovely capture.

  16. 02.04.2009

    you are simply reinforcing my crazydoglady persona.

  17. 02.05.2009

    Hi, my name is Mishi and I take ridiculously adorable, touching photographs.

    Jealous, much?

    Absolutely lovely, Mish.

  18. 02.05.2009

    Adorably sweet!

  19. Becky (Beckah)

    Absolutely precious!!

  20. Al_Pal

    Aww, darling! I’m the oldest of four & the youngest & I are the mellowest of the bunch. ;p

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