“Once you put your hand in the flame, You can never be the same”

Day 23

There’s another way my blogging career could have gone if I didn’t go down this avenue of mama-photog-blogger.   I could have totally had an eroticablog.  I would have filled it with erotic fiction, sensual poetry, and personal stories filled with heated details.   Lest I not forget the imagery; sexy self portraits that show just enough to get the imagination working.

Alas, I became a mother and soon abandoned my erotic story bulletin boards for they stork filled ones.    Sure, I still talked about sex on private mommy boards–oh did I ever talk about it–but it wasn’t the same as posting on a board with horny women and men who had [dildos and cleavage and erect penises] as their avatars.    My avatar was always my eyes, but I digress.

Fact of the matter is, I still like sex even though I’m a mother of four.  I like to daydream about it, read about it, write about it, and–of course–do it.   A healthy sex life goes a long way.  I know that when I’m not entering the Land of Orgasms on a regular basis, I am not a very happy person.  However, if I visit O Land regularly, I am relaxed and content.

Another fact is that my other half is not here for certain periods of time.   A strain in the sex department?  No way.  All I need is some good erotic fiction and Bob.   Bob?  Yes, Bob.  No, I am not an adulteress.  B.O.B stands for Battery Operated Boyfriend.  Oh no she didn’t?  Oh yes I did!

In honor of all things sexy and erotic, and what this blog might have been had I not become the mama-photog-blogger that I am, you know–the one that is a finalist in the 2009 Weblog Awards in the Photography Category–I’m having a contest.   I invite you to visit Eden Fantasys and tell me what one thing you would love to buy with a $65 gift certificate, in the comment section.  Tweet about this post and you get an extra entry.  Subscribe to my feed and get another entry.  Post about my contest on your blog with a link back to here and you’ll get a fourth chance!   Just make sure you let me know what you did for your entries in your comment.   So, ultimately, you have FOUR chances to win something from Eden Fantasys!

I recommend an intimate gift or something sensual or something to make you feel totally sexy!

The contest will run until January 30th, 2009 at 3pm EST (comments/trackbacks closed at 2pm EST)

Good Luck!

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121 Responses to ““Once you put your hand in the flame, You can never be the same””
  1. 01.23.2009

    OH.MY.WORD! Totally not what I expected to see when I click through tonight, but I am soooooo lovin’ your transparency. You rock! This photo is AWESOME!

    I may be back if I have time (trying to do like 6 things, and don’t want to get all caught up on that website, and get nothing done…..teehee) to get an entry in your contest.

    You are so full of surprises, my friend!

  2. 01.23.2009

    I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this out loud to someone other than my husband but…I’ve had my eye on a remote control egg for awhile now, kinda like this one http://www.edenfantasys.com/vibrators/bullet-egg-vibrators/rubber-cote-remote-egg

    Great context Mishi! I retweeted it on my twitter and on @wedblissfully’s twitter. And I’m subscribing to your feed which I was aghast to find out that I was not already subscribed!!

  3. Elizabeth

    Ummm, I’m at work so I really don’t think clicking on that link would be smart but I love all things sex, sexy and sexier and I would probably get the biggest, badest $65 “gadget” offered on the site.

    Does this count even though I wasn’t “one thing” specific?

  4. 01.23.2009

    Oh, believe me, my item is more than picked out, but I’m too shy to announce exactly which one. Does that still count? ;) I’ve commented, tweeted and am still subscribed.

  5. You asked, so here is way more information about why I’m still grinnin’ with my Spouse after 22 years of togetherness than anyone would ever want to know. For me it has to be THIS. I ask you, what’s the use of having a spouse with a cute tushie if you haven’t got a pretty pink whippy thingy to flog that tushie with? ((grin))
    What a fun contest!

  6. 01.23.2009

    Certainly not the kind of contest I normally see on my blog wanderings – fun!

    I would order a couple of erotic fiction books. We like to read to each other sometimes. I saw an Anne Rice – is that THE Anne Rice? Who knew? Also a collection of women written erotica. The rest I would allow my hubby to choose 1 toy as a V-day present because wouldn’t that be a fun thing to give him?

  7. 01.23.2009

    I LOVE this giveaway! I am totally not too shy to tell you what I would pick out…but when I tried to click over I got blocked! My hubby installed some program to protect our kidlets…and in turn has prevented me from visiting the sexy store. If I win I will have him lift the ban…I will try to convince him somehow ;)

  8. This is awesome! I love that you would have blogged about sex and all things erotic. You and I have a lot in common honey.

    I’m adding you to me Reader right this second. I’ll do the other stuff this afternoon!

  9. And I LOVE the picture!! Is that you?

  10. 01.23.2009

    Yes, ma’am, that’s me..

  11. 01.23.2009

    If there ever was any doubt that I am the luckiest man in the world… I think there can now be no doubt.

  12. 01.23.2009

    The comment above made my belly have butterflies!

  13. OMG, my secret desire is to write erotica as well! I read so much of it as an adolescent. Unfortunately, I can’t pick out a nice toy because the site is blocked from work, but I can say that I’m subscribed to your feed in this comment. And I totally voted for you in the Weblog Awards. Good luck!

  14. 01.23.2009

    Ummm… Michael totally deserves to win this one. BUT, just in case you don’t properly rig it, I totally want a Liberator. The purple one.

  15. 01.23.2009

    Finally a freakin’ awesome contest. I think I would have to pick up a Orgasmic foreplay kit. Yes a kit for orgasms and that my friend is the best kind of kit.

  16. 01.23.2009

    oh my word, i have been lusting after the lily ever since zoeyjane posted her contest ;-)

  17. 01.23.2009

    I vote Michael . . . I mean, come on . . .

    I need to check my arsenal to see what I need (are you buyin’ that?).

  18. 01.23.2009

    oh my!! well…i’ve never had a vibrator before…yeah, seriously. so…any of the jack rabbits that everyone is so fond of…would be really nice…
    i’m already subscribed via google reader…
    off to tweet…

  19. 01.23.2009

    I am not shy and TOTALLY want to try the “Pure Passion” lube. And one of the strap-on vibrators. There are a lot to choose from, so I’m not entirely sure which one is “best,” but I totally want one. Hawt contest, man!

    Oh – and I’m subscribed to you AND I’m tweeting about the contest.

  20. 01.23.2009

    You know my situation, so I’ll just say I really NEED a B.O.B. these days!! Help!!

  21. 01.23.2009

    This one looks really good. http://www.edenfantasys.com/dildos/classic-dildos-and-dongs/classic-aluminum I already subscribe and will go twitter this right now.

  22. 01.23.2009

    Okay honestly, I would give the GC to my hubby and tell him to surprise me. We like toys we can use together best. My B.O.B is fairly new so I don’t need another one of those, so yeah I would give it to my husband!

  23. 01.23.2009

    i just fell a bit more in love with you ;-)

  24. My holy effing crap. I didn’t realize you could be any hotter, but then you go and do this. Dammit woman.

  25. 01.24.2009

    Mishelle – I really, really *heart* you! It’s been on my mind since I started this project that I will more than likely take and post some sensual (tasteful) photos at some time this year. As for what I would purchase with my $65 – hmmmmm, I’d probably use it either toward some flogging toys *wink* or the Liberator. Fun fun fun!!!!

  26. 01.24.2009

    Mishelle: I tweeted

  27. 01.24.2009

    I have posted a link on my SuzyHomemaker blog.

  28. 01.24.2009

    Finally, I have subscribed to you on my Bloglines…I’m all in!

  29. PJ


    Wow you totally shocked me here! hahaha! Might I add you’d be totally great as one of those ‘party girl’ hosts ;) Remember the one I brought you to?

  30. 01.24.2009

    Look at YOU, sexalicious!

    (I’m not entering. You know how I am with sex and plastic mixing. :) )

  31. 01.24.2009

    But how about sex and glass?

  32. 01.24.2009


  33. 01.24.2009

    You don’t know! You just don’t know!

    I don’t either, but I’m gonna find out.


  34. 01.25.2009

    What a fun and unexpected contest! I would get Naughty Weekender 2 sensual kit.

  35. 01.25.2009

    Dude! I’m already subscribed to your feed. I don’t know what I would get, but it would be fun. Do they have glass? Oh those are awesome.

  36. jessica

    I’m a lube girl. My husband is at home every night and is way better than any B.O.B I’ve tried, but I like to lube it up. That stuff is expensive. Worth it, but expensive. That’s what I’d buy.

    noted on tweeter too :)

  37. jodik

    Awesome…… !
    I would totally find something like the Slimline passion jack rabbit and a really good book to buy,,,,,,,,,,,, and let my partner help me open the box!!
    I added you to my RSS feed.
    So glad I found your site. I definately will be back.

  38. 01.26.2009

    Tweeted :)
    and I’ve chosen ;) Has to be the royal surfer. LOL! Imagine the customs guys if they decide to open the package!

  39. Allison

    i’m thinking the “gigi” might be the way to go….

  40. 01.27.2009

    Tweeted, blogged, already subbed in Google Reader. I am too shy and wary of internet lurkers to list EVERYTHING I would want, but the least kinky thing on my list is the Shunga massage candle. That sounds delicious.

  41. 01.28.2009

    I’m thinking the ripple.
    Have tweeted http://twitter.com/glowstars/status/1156229787
    Am subscribed too.

  42. 01.28.2009

    I would definately get a G spot vibrator. No shame here!

  43. Kimberly F

    Wow, what a page I stumbled onto. I saw a lot of things i would love to try like the massage kits, the love rings, etc, OOOH too many to choose from. I would love to win this because honestly sometimes my husband gets boring so this might SPICE things up in the bedroom. After 2 kids & being diagnosed with MS, I need a little bit more fun in the bedroom. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I hope WE win. THANKS

  44. Nadine L

    I can’t believe I am going to post this but I have had my eye on the Total ecstasy triple stimulator for a while, definitely what I would buy. I love Bloggy carnival, I have found so many great blogs, your being one. I am off to subscribe.

  45. Krista

    I’m at work and that site is blocked but I would probably let my hubby pick something out for VDay for himself or for me or for both!

  46. Nadine L

    Just subscribed, added you to my Google home page.

  47. Carol

    The Ruffle lace babydoll with thong and the Trueheart Chemise with thong would be my choices.

  48. 01.28.2009

    Woohoo! Jockpot giveaway! I love this site, and I would definately buy the black corset and the vibrating ring. Fun times! Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  49. Jacqueline in Atlanta

    Sorry, but we Southern gals just don’t spill the beans about those kinds of things in public. In the parlour, to our girlfriends, after three glasses of wine, perhaps, but not on a public forum. However, I can assure you, that GC would be well spent and well USED in the privacy of my locked and shuttered bedroom. giggle, giggle.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  50. vickie

    so much to choose from … I made my choice but would love to keep it ‘tween me and hubby!! But it’s a great choice

  51. Jennifer

    I would have to agree with the comment that there are too many fun things to choose so I would probably give it to my hubby and let him pick something to surprise me with!

  52. meghan

    Wow! The perfect thing to win–something that wouldn’t be seen as a necessity but would be enjoyed! Yes, a personal toy.

  53. Lisa P

    Ah I Love sex, fetishes, sexiness. Just wish I got more LOL I would pick Hustler Joltin’ Johnson. Looks real good to me

  54. 01.28.2009

    Not quite what I expected, but I’m not going to let a flushed face stop me from looking. I’d probably get a game…like the Sex Casino. Maybe a massage kit. That’d make for a fun night!

  55. 01.28.2009

    Subscribed in google reader under erinstargirl{at}msn{dot}com

  56. 01.28.2009

    And I tweeted here :

    Good luck {and congrats on the nom} with the Weblog awards :)

  57. amyb

    i think i would try the “my first sex toy” kit. never tried anything before and i think we could use a little spice! hubby would be T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D!!!!

  58. 01.28.2009

    I would get the naughty nurse costume, lol… we never “role play” but it could be fun!
    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

  59. 01.28.2009

    wonderfullymade729 at gmail dot com

  60. 01.28.2009

    ohh I feel your pain about your hubs being away…mine is in the AF and currently on a year long ‘vacation’. I would probably buy one of the glass dildo’s I’ve wanted to try it, since watching how they make them on ‘Real Sex’.

  61. amber

    I love Eden Fantasys! They’re reviews are the coolest, I post there sometimes. Your photography is gorgeous! No wonder you were a finalist.

    If I win, I would probably buy the Natural Contours Ideal, I heard it’s really good! Wireless unlike the Hitachi, which is nice! :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  62. 01.28.2009

    i subscribed for your RSS feed via Yahoo reader also.

  63. carrie

    Had to wait until i left work to check out the site :) I think I’d like to try the JO gift pack. But there are lots of other good options there!

    adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com

  64. chris swan

    Tee Hee I would say I’d get the candy bra and more….

  65. beth shepherd

    Thank you for having this!
    I would love to win. My husband would love it if I got some stockings and panties :)
    Thank you

  66. Merry

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m a little overwhelmed by the selection, so I think I’d have to go for a sexy chemise (and maybe my own little Bob).

  67. Merry


  68. Halifax

    I’d go bold and choose the sexy police woman costume. Thanks

  69. Paula H

    I would put it towards the Leau a deux – Sensual bath kit. Sounds fun.

  70. Kristina

    Oh, how wonderful you sweet woman! I would get myself a nice vibrator, if I won! Thank you! KMC3050@gmail.com

  71. Reeva

    I love your candor. Too cool! I’d get one of those remote eggs so dh and i can go out to a restaurant or to the movies and mess around! I am loving this giveaway a bit too much lol I hope I’m chosen as the winner!!!

  72. Reeva

    I subscribed to your blog

  73. Victoira

    I’d love to get an erotic book like Lust and some other “accessories”! BEST GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  74. Patricia

    Oh my I didn’t know what a BOB was, I like the Incognito lipstick vibe

  75. 01.28.2009

    my hubs wants a swing. a lot.

  76. 01.28.2009

    Great giveaway! I would love some new lingerie like the Polka dot passion corset! Thanks for the chance to win!


    Leau a deux

  78. 01.29.2009

    I just got a reality shock at how sheltered I’ve been….I’m staring at the screen and tilting my head sideways to figure out exactly how some of those things work. Let’s go for broke..I’m going to go with the Gianni because you can never have enough toys in your life!

  79. 01.29.2009

    I’m subscribed via google reader

  80. bunny

    I’d get the Dirty Cop costume :)

  81. Karen A.

    I’m not shy!! I want the Jack Rabbit vibrator.

  82. Cori Westphal

    I like the Leau a deux sensual kit. Thanks!

  83. Cori Westphal
  84. Cori Westphal

    I’ve subscribed via google.

  85. Amy B.

    I would pick the couples kit. Something for me and my hubby in it. Thanks for the chance..

  86. 01.29.2009

    Definitely some lingerie.

  87. Lesly O

    I would by some erotic novels. I love to read and those can really get you in the mood.

  88. Eva D

    Im not to embarrassed to say I like the platinum fusion 1, looks interesting but I must say I like all of them on the page. I would also choose something on this page for the hubby

    Thank you for being part of the Bloggy giveaway.

  89. ikkinlala

    I’d try a vibrator – I’m not sure which one.

  90. Alissa Schrader

    I’d have to pick up a new “Bullet Egg” because mine is dying. *CRY* its my favorite. and Im sexually open so I will say it makes time in the bedroom with my boyfriend 2x better than it already is w/o.

    since those are only like $10 or less I’d also have to get a UR3® vibrating cock because thats just awesome. it suctions onto something. AMAZING!


  91. teresa

    Orgasmic foreplay kit. Who wouldnt love it lol. This is the best giveaway! :)

  92. Alibi

    Down and Dirty Sex Secrets is what i’ll say i’m getting ;)
    Who knows what I will actually get though if I win. :D

  93. Alibi

    I’m subscribed via google reader.

  94. 01.29.2009

    I might get the Sergeant sexy costume. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  95. Jennifer

    Now this is a great giveaway!!! I’m not sure what exactly I would get, it would be something for both of us like maybe a vibrating cock ring.

  96. Suzanne Lewis

    Naughty Weekender 2 sensual kit

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  97. Amanda B.

    I would buy the 101 Nights of Grrrrreat Sex Board Game. then probably an Erotic Book, and let my husband spend the rest.

  98. Amanda B.

    I subscribed.

  99. Sherri B.

    Ok, I am going to tell you that I would buy some of the aromatherapy candles. That may or may not be a lie, but at least I won’t blush!!!!

  100. sena

    The naughty nurse costume looks awesome!

  101. sena
  102. Samantha

    Luxury pleasure balm :) and a couple of toys ;)

    thanks bunches !!

  103. Sonya

    It would be the Climax remotes endless egg!

  104. 01.30.2009

    I subscribed to your feed. (-:

  105. 01.30.2009

    I vote this the best bloggy giveaway! I think I would get the Techno Butterfly. Thanks!

  106. wendy wallach

    I would buy womens erotica to read when my boyfriend is away.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  107. Roxy

    omg making me go to that site when I havent had any in a very long time is bad haha I think I’ll take one of everything! Well no with $65 I would get a well Climax® gemsâ„¢ diamond and maybe something else theres so many choices and its actually fairly priced.

  108. Roxy

    I subscribed to your feed via google reader

  109. Mel V

    i would love to get some Party Favors and fun games to play!

  110. 01.30.2009

    Durex play tingling sounds cool, thanks!

  111. 01.30.2009

    I would buy the Lace bralette and gartini set, and well who knows with the leftover $$ ;)

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