Pepper 365 {Week 3}

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”  ~Andy Rooney

August 29: Lost and Found (she was tired and hiding from Davey, but he found her)

August 30: Yay, Papa’s Home (and he’s got beer)

August 30:  What To Do? (she’s so young that she doesn’t know whether she’d like to rest or play)
"Joo and Pepp" by Michael Holding on...

September 1:  On This Day She Grew (for she slept and slept and slept)

September 2: Don’t Let Her Fool You: She Hated This Dog Food.  She also hates the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (but, she LOVES ice cubes!)

September 3: Pepper’s First Pool Party (she was a hit)

September 4:  She’s Definitely Unique (contorted sleep positions, overbite, and all)

September 5: She’s Mama’s Velcro Puppy (these were taken in the bathroom; enough said)
Velcro Puppy WaitsGood Girl Pepper

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5 Responses to “Pepper 365 {Week 3}”
  1. 09.06.2011

    I just love her! She’s so beautiful!

  2. Michael

    She’s so goofy, funny, cute, and playful. I’d forgotten how fun(ny) it was to watch a puppy grow and learn.

    I’m amazed that my heart can hurt so much for the loss of my Sadie and Summer girls, but at the same time be so open and warm to a new puppy like Pepper.

  3. 09.07.2011

    Awww. She’s adorable. Love that you have a new puppy – Love that you obviously (already) love your new puppy.

  4. I want to smell her puppy breath.

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