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As in, “Open wide!” The kids all had their bianual cleaning at the dentist.  They did exceptionally well and there isn’t a cavity in sight.  Olivia’s teeth are so perfect, but that child brushes her teeth with such a vigor, it’s not even funny!  Davey is getting a lower canine and Dr. *le sigh* Charlie said that might cause him some pain because of how it’s coming in.   Benny was extremely lucky and got to keep a magic bouncy ball that Dr. Charlie gave him AND he even cleaned Benny’s teeth for him.  I personally have never seen a dentist do a cleaning. He was awesome with him, too.  Usually Benjamin gags, but not with Dr. Charlie.  As for Mikey, he had four teeth on the right side that were loose and required pulling.  Mikey was fearful because the last time he had an extraction (in Buffalo) it was a really bad experience.  This time, though, Dr. Hubba Hubba and his assistant were so awesome. He had “sleepy bubbles” to knock the edge off and never even knew that he got a couple shots to numb his gums completely.

Olivia's Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Charlie Cleans Benny's Teeth

Mikey's Teeth Get Pulled

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12 Responses to “Photohunt: Wide”
  1. 12.20.2008

    Love this post…..first off for your love of the hunky dentist, and secondly to prove i’m not the only one to be “that mom!” love you!
    have a great weekend.

    Corey’s last blog post..Photo Hunters~Wide

  2. 12.20.2008

    LOL at you taking photos at the dentist!

    Jeanette’s last blog post..Wide-angles on the beach

  3. 12.20.2008

    I must clarify that these were taken with my camera phone. Only because I forgot my camera. LOL

  4. 12.20.2008

    Makes my mouth hurt, and knowing I will be sitting in one of those chairs after the holidays. Merry Christmas.

    kissedaloatoads’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt : WIDE

  5. Agh!! Don’t make me do it! That’s a beautiful dentist office though, love the windows. Happy hunting Mishelle.

  6. 12.20.2008

    Ouch, ouch, ouch. I’ll bet he felt it when he woke up. Poor kid.

    Alice Audrey’s last blog post..Home Coming

  7. 12.20.2008

    Oh what a terrific post for today’s theme!!! LOL! And what a nice, bright dental office.

    I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you can visit, and leave your link.

    Mrs. Mecomber’s last blog post..Prepare for Summer Camp Now

  8. 12.20.2008

    we have a Dr.Hubba hubba too “no honey I don’t mind taking the kids to the dentist! It’s no problem at all” ;)

    I am glad all went well for your young ones!

    Ashley @’s last blog post..I must be crazy

  9. 12.20.2008

    wow ..even with your camera phone you are awesome.. :) so colorful there.. and perfect for the Wide theme.. :)

    Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Super Stinking Cute

  10. 12.20.2008

    That’s a pretty great camera phone Mish. Yay for no cavities!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Listening

  11. 12.20.2008

    Great shots with a phone! Looks great otherwise too, hate the dentists and here their offices are all white, but that office looks really nice and sound quite ok too, if that’s possible…

    Brita’s last blog post..Photo Hunter – Wide

  12. 12.21.2008

    That’s a very original take on the theme – great! :)

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!!

    Sabine’s last blog post..Photohunt – Wide

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