Photohunt: Wild



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25 Responses to “Photohunt: Wild”
  1. 09.13.2008

    The colors, the contrasts, the subject matter….just awesome!

  2. 09.13.2008

    great shot…turtles are cool!

  3. 09.13.2008

    I always enjoy visiting here – your photos are simply amazing.

  4. I just LOVE those guys… Nice shot!

  5. 09.13.2008

    I want a turtle!!

  6. 09.13.2008

    I really like this photo, it is a really nice shot!

  7. 09.13.2008

    The design and colour of this turtle is amazing! Love the perspective!

  8. 09.13.2008

    Great compsition and perspective. Nice work.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. 09.13.2008

    What a gorgeous shot of a beautiful wild creature. Thanks! Happy Weekend, Annie

  10. 09.13.2008

    You continue to amaze me, I’ve come to expect if from you. :)

  11. 09.13.2008

    Wow! What an amazing shot! Turtles are so much fun to watch, and you captured it beautifully.

  12. 09.13.2008

    Wow that is an amazing photo. Happy weekend

  13. 09.13.2008

    Wonderful photo for this week’s theme! I love the colors & perspective …
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. 09.13.2008

    LOVE this! Well done!

  15. 09.13.2008

    Wow the colors are intense. Great wild shot and thank you for visiting mine.

  16. How did you get him to stare at you? Wow.

  17. 09.13.2008

    stunning, absolutely stunning! I love the angle of the shot

  18. 09.13.2008

    This is fabulous! I love it! The perspective, the colors, the subject… perfect.

  19. 09.13.2008

    “Just tryin’ to keep my head above water . . . ”


  20. Jana

    This is a gorgeous picture!!!

  21. Gorgeous turtle! Happy hunting.

  22. Great colors! I thought about posting a photo of Jake’s turtle, but our turtle is more timid than wild . . . well, except at feeding time.

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

  23. 09.14.2008

    Stunningly beautiful!
    All your photos are, by the way (have I said that before?)… :)

  24. 09.14.2008

    Absolutely magnificent!

  25. 09.15.2008

    Love the color in this shot… !!

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