Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 1}

In honor of Halloween, for this week’s photo challenge, I present you with the theme of:

“Halloween Costumes”

Let’s see them.  Your ghouls, your goblins, your Harry Potters, your Frankensteins, your mummies, your pirates, your witches, and your Sue Sylvesters!


Here’s one of mine.  It’s Captain Mikey, the slick talking,  life-of-the-party pilot.  Complete with aviator glasses and mustache.

GiggityThis is Your Captain Speaking

The Challenge: How It Works

  • Each week, on Friday, I announce the “Picture It Outside of the Box” photo challenge theme.
  • You can submit one photo for the theme by the following THURSDAY.  Enter your direct link (to your blog post with the photo in it or your photo Flickr) in the thumbnail McLinky Tool at the bottom of the post.  Keep in mind the linky-loo will close down on Thursday at 12:00 AM  EST.
  • FIVE submissions from my readers will be showcased on Friday, and the new theme will then be revealed.
  • Basically: you play along, you have fun, we show each other our awesome photos, we share inspiration….it’s a win-win situation!

Ready. Set. Shoot.

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23 Responses to “Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 1}”
  1. I’ll be back on Monday to put mine up!

  2. 10.29.2010


  3. Love his costume, Mishelle!

  4. 10.29.2010

    Ask me who suggested this costume!

  5. 10.29.2010

    LOL!! What a great costume!! Hilarious!! He pulls it off perfectly.

    I’m not much for costumes and trick-or-treating…so we’ll see if I manage to get into this weeks challenge!! Riley was sort of in costume today for school, but I hadn’t planned to trick or treat (they already did once)…we’ll see what happens :D

  6. 10.29.2010

    That’s ok! There are going to be plenty of challenges.

  7. 10.29.2010

    I can just hear him in that first shot….’Don’t call me Shirley.’ Love the mustache!

  8. Love the ‘stache!

  9. 10.29.2010

    Your kid rocks that costume, the attitude and all. Love love love it!

  10. 10.29.2010

    I expect you to enter your girls. They are dressing up, right?!

  11. 10.29.2010

    I die everytime I see his picture. You know? From laughter!

  12. 10.31.2010

    just juiced up the entries (as requested!)

  13. 10.31.2010

    You Rock, PG! And, OMG, I was oogling your flickr and why are your kids so grown up all of the sudden? Probably the same reason mine are, too. *sniff*sniff*

  14. 11.02.2010

    Well they went trick-or-treating in partial costumes….so I submitted my favorite pic from the night…Just love it, can’t say why ;)

  15. 11.03.2010

    Ok, I did it. My tech challenge for the day, lol.

  16. 11.03.2010

    My issue is I have so many dang pictures from that day, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll have to figure out which ONE to use. I couldn’t bare to delete any of the ones I took – I was so obsessed I dropped them all into iMovie. No one is going to flip through 300 pictures that all (almost) look the same. Except me. A quick video? That’s another story.

    I’ll come back and link up with my favorite, if I can figure it out! :)

  17. Who suggested it? HUH?

  18. 11.04.2010

    I know, those linkies give me STRESS!

  19. 11.04.2010


  20. 11.04.2010

    DUDE. We so said this that night!!

  21. 11.04.2010


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