Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 6}

The tree shots from {Week 5} were AMAZING! I love how “out of the box” so many of the entries were. That was my deciding factor, on which ones to pick. Here are some submissions that I thought were really different, that were taken from a really different perspective:


by Jenny

12/3 up a tree

by Jen

Looking up bamboo

(l-r) by Angie and by Amanda

Up a Tree

(l-r) by Sarah and by Lotus

Also, I have created the {Picture It Outside of the Box} Flickr group.  You don’t have to add your image to the group, but it does create an easy hub for the community that I hope to see grow through these weekly challenges.  I hope to see you there, too!

The challenge for {Week 6} of “Picture It Outside of the Box” is:

{Focus on the Eyes}

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Don’t forget about the new Flickr group!

The Challenge: How It Works

  • Each week, on Friday, I announce the “Picture It Outside of the Box” photo challenge theme.
  • You can submit a photo for the theme by the following THURSDAY. Enter your direct link (to your blog post with the photo in it or your photo on Flickr) in the thumbnail McLinky Tool at the bottom of the post. Keep in mind the linky-loo will close down on Thursday at 12:00 AM EST.
  • FIVE submissions from my readers will be showcased on Friday, and the new theme will then be revealed.
  • Basically: you play along, you have fun, we show each other our awesome photos, we share inspiration….it’s a win-win situation!
  • Visiting fellow photo challenge players is highly encouraged!

Ready. Set. Shoot.

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8 Responses to “Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 6}”
  1. 12.04.2010

    I love your dogs sweet, sad eyes.
    this has been fun, thanks! :)

  2. 12.04.2010

    Love this challenge!! Hope it’s okay that I already had one in my files (just a couple weeks old) that I chose to use. It’s still one of my favorite pictures and was perfect for this challenge!! If not, I’m more than happy to get another picture taken :D

  3. 12.04.2010

    Squee! Thanks for picking my photo – you made my whole week!!

  4. 12.04.2010

    Oh wow I am amazed to be included with such fantastic photos. You just made my day!

    I do love a photo with a focus on theeyes for the reasons you mention…. so I have a bucketload. But I think I will enter one – a selfy pee from my 365 project- not my best shot but it is out of the box….

  5. 12.09.2010

    It’s always helpful for me to “see” how others see and interpret your challenges; it broadens how I’m able to view potential images :).

    Thanks for keeping this up, Mishi! I SO enjoy it! This week’s selections of tree shots? Wonderful!!

  1. [...] Regardless, her eyes are gorgeous and haunting, mysterious and expressive…perfect for Mishelle... robindance.me/picture-it-outside-of-the-box-focus-on-the-eyes

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