Project 365 (311/365)

Michael has been working on my blog re-design all day today. Thank You, Baby! I love the new look and appreciate all the hard work you have put into it.


Change always comes bearing gifts.
—Price Pritchett

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17 Responses to “Project 365 (311/365)”
  1. 06.29.2008

    Go Michael!!

    Looking good!!

  2. 06.29.2008

    Um, it’s eating my comments. I was trying to say that I *love* the new look and that Michael does good work. Yay, Mishi!

  3. 06.29.2008

    OMG, Mish! I love it!!!!1

  4. 06.29.2008

    I love it – still has the same feel as the old look, but fresher.
    Very nice!

  5. 06.29.2008

    Good gracious, woman, you are muy talented with the camera!!! What fantastic shots!

    And great layout, Michael! Looks awesome!

  6. 06.29.2008

    Gorgeous! What a guy!!! THAT, my dear, is love . . .

  7. 06.29.2008

    I love it. :)

  8. It looks gorgeous, Mishi. Isn’t it great our hubbys can take care of our sites for us. I hope you’re doing well.

  9. It’s awesome!! He did a great job! I love the glow around the film. Nice touch!

  10. 06.29.2008

    Well, this is my first time here, actually. So I have no basis for comparison. But I like the filmstrip and from my browsing, seems like a spot-on theme.

  11. 06.29.2008

    It looks great! Way to go, Michael!

  12. Good job, Michael! Very reflective of you, Mishi.

    Psst… can you add me to your blogroll? Thanks!

  13. 06.29.2008

    Uhhhhmmmm you are on my blog roll.. You are on the Highly Classified one. I will feature 5 bloggers each week there. You were one of the first!

  14. 06.29.2008

    Looks great. I wonder if anyone finds it hard on the eyes to read the light lettering on the charcoal background? I changed from the black because some folks said it was hard on their eyes. I am not sure I am liking the light background I have going now.

  15. 06.29.2008

    This looks very nice. Well done Michael. It feels kinda fluid to me. Digging the contrast.

    Have a good week you guys!

  16. 06.30.2008

    It looks fantastic!

  17. 06.30.2008

    Thanks, everyone!

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