Weekly Winners {Project 365 Rewind}

Day 79 | This is the Droid You are Looking For

Day 80 | Notes Gallore!

Day 81 | Purple

Day 82 | 3 in a Row

Day 83 | It's not time to wake up yet, little vampire!

{Now go see one of my BFF’s, Lotus, and wish her well on her move back to Austin, TX}

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15 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Project 365 Rewind}”
  1. 03.28.2010

    Perfect cookie shot!! Love it :-)

  2. great shots…love the one of Davey. Too cute!

  3. 03.28.2010

    That last shot is funny, was he playing Hide ‘n’ Seek? Davey’s expression is priceless.

  4. 03.28.2010

    Yeah, that last one is my favorite one too!

  5. 03.28.2010

    cool driod shot. love the muffin too…

  6. 03.28.2010

    I LOVE getting three shredded wheats stuck together. It’s like a total BONUS!

    Great shots, Mishi (AS ALWAYS).

  7. I really like the bokeh in the muffin photo. =)

  8. 03.28.2010

    I love your shots! They tell so much… I could look at more (hint, hint). =)

  9. 03.28.2010

    I’ve had the Droid Eris for a few months now and LOVE IT.

    Wonderful shots, I really like ‘purple’!

  10. 03.28.2010

    You rock. That’s all I’ve got to say. Love coming to visit you and see your creative images!!

  11. 03.29.2010

    Hi cookies! Yum! I love you!

  12. 03.29.2010

    Cookie! YUMMY! Jealous of your Droid. Waiting until my contract is up… 23 more days… 23 more days…

  13. I love that one of the cross! Wow!

  14. That triple mini-wheat is awesome!

  15. 03.30.2010

    I love the cookie shot. Made me hungry by looking at the big chocolate (?). The last shot is full of life. I love his facial expression. So lively and warm!.

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