Remembering Katrina

I was devastated
I didn’t move from my bed
I watched the news and shook my head
The city that I loved lay in waste

Though time has passed
I can still recall those feelings of dread
And while I have since returned to embrace her
I simply can’t believe it’s been five years since the storm

It feels like it was yesterday
Since I was there as fresh newlywed
Since I prayed for her to hold on
Since I was there last

Still, daily daydreams take me back
Where I walk the streets
Smell the shockingly distinct smells
Of that one city, the city I love….

New Orleans, Louisiana

{New Orleans: A Set on Flickr}

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4 Responses to “Remembering Katrina”
  1. 08.28.2010

    Beautiful photos and a touching post! Wonderful!!!

  2. 08.28.2010

    lovely photos!

  3. 08.28.2010

    wow. this was so beautiful and heart wrenching, and you are so good at what you do. i’m blown away. i mean, i’m always blown away by your amazing work, but this really hit home. living on the gulf coast, it’s just a part of my world, my reality. excellent job, and it made me really sit and remember.

  4. 08.29.2010

    Thank you for that. xo

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