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5 Responses to “Secret Agent Silly”
  1. 05.14.2009

    Made me smile. You’re so cute.

  2. 05.14.2009

    I really enjoyed your pictures, it’s your point of view, I think it’s called. I learned that from watching a lot of cooking, and design shows. As I continued to scroll through your site, I read “Do you have peac.” That’s just what I needed today. I havn’t tried it, but I think I’ll have a heeping helping.

  3. 05.15.2009

    Oooh your self -portraits are amazing!!

  4. 05.15.2009

    adorable. as always.

  5. I <3 you and all your preciousness.
    CANNOT wait to see you again.
    Bloghoppin’ or not ;-)

    Happy Birthday, to you
    Happy Birthday, to you
    Happy Birthday, Dear Mishi
    Happy Birthday, to you.

    and many many many more full of laughter, love, family, friends and blessings beyond count

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