@secretagentmama #soccerseason

51: Busy Typing and Thinking and Twittering

52:  Spending Saturdays with Soccer Balls

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6 Responses to “@secretagentmama #soccerseason”
  1. 02.21.2009

    Beautiful, truly.

  2. 02.22.2009

    LOL love the multitasking :) Wish I had 3G to do the same

  3. 02.22.2009

    Like the last one, lol ! but they are all beautiful !

  4. 02.22.2009

    It can’t be soccer already!

  5. 02.22.2009

    Oh, it is patois.. Soccer x 3 kids = Worn Out Mama and Davey! LOL

  6. We are still covered in snow in New England. Soccer won’t start until April!

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