Seeing is Believing

ABC-123 from Secret Agent Mama on Vimeo.

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11 Responses to “Seeing is Believing”
  1. SMARTY pants!

  2. 01.16.2009

    This is so cute! It warmed my heart.

  3. 01.16.2009

    cute as can be. How old is he now? I remember those days. I did the exact same thing with Sugar….magnadoodle and all. :)

  4. 01.16.2009

    Cute kid – and smart – of course it helps that you have great handwriting. mine? Not so hot. the kids got more confused than anything else.

  5. 01.16.2009

    Davey just turned two, btw!

  6. 01.16.2009

    That is VERY clever! Wow!! That’s amazing considering Davey’s age

  7. 01.16.2009

    I was just going to ask how old he is!
    You are amazing!!!

  8. 01.16.2009

    I have just ups my kids to your house.. thanks.. hahaha

    Mish..that is wonderful.. REALLY really wonderful..

  9. 01.16.2009

    K, showoff.

    Mine knows 2, e, o, z and a. And every shape is a triangle or circle if I ask her to name it. And GAH. She’s 5 months older! (i will not compare i will not compare i will not compare i will not compare)

  10. 01.17.2009

    okay so The Phi is currently on a plane heading to you. Please teach her all the letters, numbers, how to spell her name, and her phone number. Then send her back along with the bill.

  11. 01.19.2009

    he’s cute … and so smart too!

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