Shot From the Hip

Photo © 2010 Angela Giles Klocke

It was a hard job for the judges, I know, but the winner of the Shooting From the Hip HighKey Camera Strap Contest is Angela Giles Klocke with this picture that she took of Incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado while climbing with her son one late afternoon.

All of the entries were amazing, and I was so pleased with the turn out.

I thank you!

Keep shooting from the hip!

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20 Responses to “Shot From the Hip”
  1. 07.07.2010

    Seriously? WooooHoooo! Thank you! This is such a boost today. Truly!

  2. Congrats, Angela! This was a fun contest! :)

  3. 07.07.2010

    And, I hope you don’t mind that I lifted your picture. I just HAD to use it! Congrats, AGK!

  4. 07.07.2010

    Thanks, Cara! My next one will be even more fun. I hope you’ll enter that one, too!

  5. Congrats! it is a beautiful photo!!

  6. 07.07.2010

    I don’t mind at all! :D Thank you!

  7. 07.07.2010

    Thank you! It was fun, wasn’t it! :D

  8. 07.07.2010

    Thanks so much, Heather!

  9. 07.07.2010

    Congrats Angela, it was an amazing shot.

  10. 07.07.2010

    Thank you so much, Tara!

  11. 07.08.2010

    Congratulations Angela, that is a lovely shot

  12. 07.08.2010

    Thank you!

  13. 07.08.2010

    Found you through Angela–I’ve been taking Shots from the Hip recently because of her… just didn’t know until now there was a contest :)

    Great shot, Angela!

  14. 07.08.2010

    How exciting! Congratulations :)

  15. 07.09.2010

    Well, Kari, if you didn’t have to work so hard to listen to me talk in parenthesis and all, it came up at the park, but I am quite certain I veered off again on another topic before I came back to it. I have problems like that. I’m surprised you still try. :D


  16. 07.09.2010

    Thank you, Kellee! :D

  17. It looks like some stairs going to some paradise or some sort. Looks divine!

  18. 07.11.2010

    Thank you! :)

  19. 07.11.2010

    bravo! I was just working on my potential 365 shot for today and a few of them are from the hipsters. Had forgotten about the contest until just now. congrats!

    Love the solar flare!

  20. 07.13.2010

    Thank you, PG! I love the challenge of doing this. I keep shooting from the hip every time I’m out now. :D

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