Updated:  The Canvas winner, as determined by is Jodi!  Congratulations!

Six years ago I created this space to write whatever came to my mind.   I also wanted to be able to document funny things our children did or said, because–naturally–our children are as funny as their parents.  For a long time, however, it was not made public.  The space was all mine, and if I wanted to write about how I just sneezed and tinkled, at the same time, I could.   Mostly, though, I wanted a space where I could–once again–write poetry and prose.   I’ve been writing here for six years, in addition to the various leather bound journals that amassed through my years before children.   Don’t even get me started on the forgotten notebooks and trashed pieces of napkin at the coffee shops.

I look at those old journals;
amazed at the words
that came out
from me
revealing who
I was back then
and how I’ve grown

Six years changes a person.   I’ve written some of my favorite pieces here, and look back amazed at the words that have come out from me.   I used to care how many people read or didn’t read, but mostly I cared about comments (read: peer validation).   Now, though, I only care about four people who will read (and have started to read) my words.

This blog is for them…

Six years with almost
two thousand posts
filled with words and photos;
I will continue to write
for our family’s posterity
Sometimes to laugh
Sometimes to cry
I want for [you]
To see what I saw

To hear what I heard
To enjoy what I enjoyed 
To feel what I felt
To understand what I understood
To see me as I see myself

In Her Eyes

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a “blog-o-versary” without presents!

One commenter will win their very own 16” x 20” rolled canvas print from

How, you ask?

Just comment telling me how long you’ve been blogging.

If you don’t blog, tell me what you would name your blog if you started one today!

The winner will be notified via email.

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23 Responses to “Six.”
  1. I’m so glad I found you 4 years ago when I started my blog.

  2. 09.02.2011

    Happy Anniversary! I have a tear.. you’ve captured a huge part of what blogging means to me.

  3. 09.02.2011

    oh! and I’ve been blogging just over 6 years as well. :)

  4. 09.02.2011

    I have no idea how long I’ve been reading your blog. A long time. Crazy how times passes and you watch people grow and change.

    I’ve been blogging since before it had a name. I used to hand-code a site, and then Blogspot came along, etc. etc. Good times!

  5. Happy Blogversary! Not sure how I found you, but I am glad I did.

  6. crap, I forgot to say how long I’ve been blogging. It will be 5 years this December….I think.

  7. 09.02.2011

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been blogging 3 years. Yaye!

  8. 09.02.2011

    Congrats on 6 years! I have been blogging for 3 years (I’m practically a toddler in blogging years.)

  9. Olivia

    Your blog is amazing and I’m so glad I began reading it. I hope to follow in your footsteps <3

  10. 09.02.2011

    I’ve been reading your blog since before it was public, since before you were Secret Agent Mama, since forever! I love it here…it’s comfy and always leaves my heart full!

    Happy Blog-o-versary!

    I have been blogging since 2008, although, not with as much dedication as you have!

    I love ya!!!

  11. Eric's Mommy

    Happy Blogiversay! I blogged back in 2007 for awhile, my blog’s name was Eric’s Mommy.

  12. 09.02.2011

    In June I marked my fourth year (in total) blogging – starting with “If Mom Says OK” and now “Thin spiral notebook.” One of my blogging highlights was meeting you. Congrats on your first six years!

  13. Baba Nada

    Happy 6th blogoversary!!!You are awesome blogger,and i enjoy reading about everything you put on your blog,am so new at this i still have fear opening any blogs,posts etc…but learning ,for now i will just stick to reading yours Cause everything you write about is so close to home!!! I love you Congrats,and keep on writing!!!!mama

  14. 09.04.2011

    I first started MFA Mama in November of ’05, and have been blogging in some form, somewhere, ever since.

  15. 09.04.2011

    Happy blog-o-versary!! Six years, wow!! Me? Technically I guess it’s been six years – but that was my LJ. My current blog has been open since August of 2007…wow, 4 years and I skipped right over the blog-o-versary :D

  16. Congrats on heading into the second half of a decade of blogging! I started blogging 2 years ago (the view from down here) and changed it to the aunt with gum in Jan. of this year. Thank you for sharing your story & your images – they are an inspiration.

  17. 09.05.2011

    Happy Blog-o-versary! Sweet girl! I was inspired by you 5 years ago when I started and still am!!

  18. 09.09.2011

    I love your blog. I love your photos. I love you. I’m a terrible commenter…maybe that is why I get no comments. hmmm.

    It was my privilege to meet you almost 4 years ago…we connected…i will never forget.

    My blog StudioJewel journey of a jeweler has been in existence for 4 years…I’ve taken it seriously for about 1. My goal is speak MY words, post my photos and leave a legacy for the small people I call my own.

    love you friend.

  19. Since 2006! I’m at 5 years, which I think makes me an old dog in blog years, lol!

    But my blogging has definitely evolved and my life has changed and what I wrote about all those years ago looks nothing like what I write about now.

    I always remember the photowalk in downtown Nashville after BlissDom a few years ago. Such a delight to spend that time with you!

  20. 09.10.2011

    I just want to be selfish and say I’m glad you started blogging because otherwise I wouldn’t have ever encountered the awesomeness that is you and your family. I just passed my 4 year bloggeversary and I didn’t even remember that fact until now.

  21. Mindy

    it would be titled, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

    Congrats on 6 years!

  22. Liz @ The Six Year Itch

    This was a beautiful post. Congratulations! I started blogging in 2004 and I swear I saw a dinosaur.

  1. [...] 2004.  Soon thereafter I created the space that is now home to “Secret Agent Mama”.  That ...

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