So, This is Christmas….

I have Christmas let down. I have let down because we spend all this time getting things ready, and then it is over all too quickly. The kids didn’t get the usual let down, thankfully. It was a great day, a great holiday weekend, but I still can’t seem to shake this feeling. I guess it’s normal. Maybe?

My parents left early this afternoon. I was sad for them, but was sure to let them know that they are loved and missed. Maybe I’m still in the will? Meh, it doesn’t matter, though. They might not like the cards life has dealt them -what with us living down here and such- but I hope they know that we are happy in life, and that all things happen for a reason. It was nice to spend time with them, even if sometimes they over-complain and are a bit over-bearing. That’s what we Macedonians do; we go over-board in all aspects of life. I can attest to this. Michael can, too.

Santa scored big. He came through on the kids’ presents yet again. We all (Mama and Papa & Baba and Dedo) scored big, too! There are presents here that range from matchbox cars to Littlest Pet Shop Pets to Play Dough to an electronics lab to a trampoline with enclosure; they run the full spectrum of gifts. Everyone is happy. Real happy. I’m happy that we were able to stick within our budget while not going ga-ga with gifts. There was just enough under the tree, I think. Just goes to show that you don’t need gobs of gifts to make the holiday spectacular, in the eyes of a child.

As I type this out, the big kids are outside playing on their various riding apparatuses. Bicycle, skateboard, and scooter, oh my! Everyone got a new helmet, too. I think they are going to complain when I call them in.

Oh, and I got a wonderful gift from Michael: He got me the most beautiful French Press and 2 big bags of my favorite coffee beans (Sumatra and Christmas Blend), from Starbucks. I can’t wait to make coffee in the morning. In the coming weeks I’ll be getting another present. We’ll call it an Orthodox Christmas present. More to come on that one.
(hint: Weekly Winners!)

Merry Christmas, once again. May the blessings of the season be with you, no matter what holiday you celebrate. May the love of cherished family and friends be with you always. May you always be healthy, happy, prosperous and in good fortune. xoxoxox

Our Christmas Morning in Pictures:

Davey awoke at 6:40am and as I was getting him I heard the kids.
I alerted Papa and the Grandparental Units that the kids were up.
Davey and I waited on the couch for them!



Baba and Davey open Santa’s Gift


Mikey Flips Over a Sought After Gift
(Mama and Papa are so cool!)


Olivia Opens a Gift from Benny


Benny Loves Cranky Bugs
(We had this on VHS and sold it in a garage sale. He
sure is happy to have it back on DVD.)


Davey Loves His New Bath Toys


The Grand View
(by Michael)



Christmas Poops You Out, Yo!



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5 Responses to “So, This is Christmas….”
  1. 12.25.2007

    Sweet pics! Thanks for sharing your fun with us. :)

  2. 12.26.2007

    Wow!! Looks like a fun-filled Christmas morning.

    I’m so glad you all had a wonderful time.


  3. 12.26.2007

    Looks like a great time!!! You look like you are still cleaning up wrapping paper like me.. LOL :)

  4. 12.26.2007

    The little gift with the doggy jammies looks like a handful of fun. Who got that one? Great pics! I love seeing kids’ reactions to presents.

  5. 12.27.2007

    I come via JoePrah and am glad I did. Great X-mas day pics. I especially like the Christmas poops you out pic. Classic. I will be stopping by your blog very frequently. Thanks for adding a little extra goodness to teh intranets.

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