All That and the [Bathroom] Sink

Bathrooms are more than just for, you know, taking care of business.   Other “forms” of business are taken care of in there.  I know that I’ve had all sorts of different types of “encounters” in the bathroom.  Too many to go into detail about each and every one.

Butt (hardy-har-har)…

I do remember this one party, that Michael and I attended, for the then-girlfriend of my cousin Mike.  There were all sorts of spirits involved. There was a bathroom sink involved.  There was knocking involved.   Things were definitely upside down.  I guess you had to be there to understand.

While this memory is vivid and insanely interesting, it is just that…a memory!
(One that I won’t soon forget.)

These days, though, the bathroom serves as my mini-escape.  That is unless a certain little person weasels his way in when I seeking ten minutes of solitude.  Then it becomes a game of see how many things I can take out from under the sink before Mama goes crazy.  Oh, and if I’m having a conversation with someone that lasts more than ten minutes, [they] can be guaranteed that I’m “my office.”   The echo probably gives it away.

Inspired by: One Minute Writer and Self Portrait Challenge
Promts:  Party and Upside Down

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14 Responses to “All That and the [Bathroom] Sink”
  1. 11.11.2008

    Love the picture, and yes, I hear the bathroom is sometimes the only place in the house with any sanity.

  2. 11.11.2008

    you have an amazing eye

    flutter’s last blog post..Helicopters make him cry

  3. 11.11.2008

    Ahh I wish for the day that I can go into “my office” and be alone. I still have a follower.

    I love the shot though….reminds me I need to clean the bathroom ;) My sink doesn’t shine that well.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Mission Complete & ___ of 365

  4. 11.11.2008

    I love that shot and the attendant story. That said – I am secretly aghast at the phallic symbolism – or am I the only one who sees that? In which case, Annie is right and I really am a sick bastard.

    lceel’s last blog post..Tuesday’s Tale

  5. 11.11.2008

    Very cool shot, love the reflection type shots.

    Miranda’s last blog post..Ruby Tuesday

  6. Am I the only one who is mesmerized by the shiny sparklyness of that sink?

  7. 11.11.2008

    Ah, the life of a Secret Agent Mama. Shouldn’t you have top secret equipment that makes you disappear, and stuff?


    Jeremy Stockwell’s last blog post..SPC — Upside Down #2

  8. 11.11.2008

    Got to love those bathroom phone calls. “Honestly, that’s the wind howling outside that you heard”

    orlund’s last blog post..Today We Remember

  9. 11.11.2008

    I’m with *A Whole Lot of Nothing*. How did you get your fauset to sparkle like that? I’m so jealous, but not enough so to go actually shine mine.
    Wonderful story. I enjoy *One Minute Writer*. Haven’t been to *Self-Portrait Challenge*.

    Patsy’s last blog post..Day 11 When It Rains It Pours

  10. 11.11.2008

    Haha! This totally reminds me of a conversation I was having with a girlfriend this weekend. We visiting her new studio/condo in San Diego and on the “grand tour” she pointed out the bathroom as the place where she “takes phone calls” because that’s the only place for any privacy. Hahaha. Good times.

    Jamie’s last blog post..Moo and Other Mumblings

  11. 11.11.2008

    The bathroom is our gathering place. We’re always honest in the bathroom.

    Woman in a window’s last blog post..HARSHNESS (and light)

  12. 11.11.2008

    I love the fact that the bathroom is the great equalizer, we all come there with our shit, but leave clean. But, oh how I get the use of it as a hiding place.

    Amazing picture. I covert your flickr, just so you know.

    conversemomma’s last blog post..I Am Done With You Now

  13. Wow. Your sink is so much cleaner than mine! ;-)

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s last blog post..What, me worry?

  14. 11.12.2008

    Sigh.. love your eye .. LOVE IT.. and your faucet really sparkles like it is brand spankin new!! :)

    Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Sisters

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