the gray
suffocating clouds
have lifted
the gentle breeze
twirls around you
like a fairytale dream
the busy bees buzz
from blossom to blossom
the blue
clear ceiling
an open canvas
as if a space
to draw
intimate bliss
these days of spring
as reminders of warmth
are swirled with the breeze
rays of sun
kissing your skin
like a lover
with the promise
of calm
and joy
scribbled euphoria

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3 Responses to “Spring”
  1. 04.01.2010

    Oh Mishi… this is lovely.

  2. 04.01.2010

    Scribbled euphoria! Sounds like it will be my “spring theme”!

  3. 04.03.2010

    WOW, this is just stunning! Thanks for sharing your perspective. Check out my grandson on my blog post today!

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