St. Nick(y)

As I type, curled up on our family’s love-seat, while “It’s a Wonderful Life” plays before me, a sweet little puppy lays curled up at my Christmas socked feet.

We didn’t mean to welcome another doggie into our family, but fate certainly did.

* * *

Last night while Michael and I wrapped presents in the kitchen our bird clock* struck 10 o’clock; our Sadie Girl bird.

“Merry Christmas, Sadie Girl,” Michael sadly said while a big lump and even bigger tears welled up in my eyes.

{I did it; I wished for another dog.}

* * *

I needed milk, celery, a white onion, and a few more stocking stuffers.  I always worry about having enough stocking stuffers, so David and I set off to Wal-Mart.  Then we stopped at the drug store, and then we came home.  As soon as we did Michael set off with Mikey and Olivia for the barber shop where Mikey gets his current high-and-tight cut.   It was around noon and I asked Benny if he wanted a hot-dog from Dairy Queen.   I don’t know a kid who’d refuse that offer.  And off we went.

On the way home my van came nose-to-nose with the sweetest little puppy in the world.

“Mama, Mama! He’s under the van, Mama!  Don’t move, Mama.  Don’t move!”

I hit my hazard lights and got out to see where the pooch was hiding.

He was under the driver’s side sliding door when I coaxed him out.

He wouldn’t get from under my feet, so I did the only thing I knew I could do.  I got him into the van.

“Are we gonna keep him, Mama?”

“I dunno, Baby.”

{I hope, I said in a whisper.}

* * *

Written by Michael in an email to his Mom:

Mikey, Olivia, and I drove up to city hall to drop off the water bill and go to Dahlonega for Mikey’s haircut.  Down the road from the house we saw this dog in the road and honked to scare him off.  We saw him again coming back down the road, but this time he was in the elementary school’s parking lot.  We drove on to Dahlonega.  We’re sitting at the old barber shop watching Mikey get scalped and Mishelle calls…. “This dog darted out in front of my van and he crawled underneath it when I stopped.  I brought him home and he’s so scared.”  Yep, same dog we saw.  FATE.

Aw shit.  I told her to call the dog catcher to come get him.  They were closed until next week.  Aw shit, FATE.  She bathed and fed him (he ate two whole bowls of food and drank a bunch of water, poor little guy).  She wants to keep him, she told me on the phone.  AW SHIT.

Well, we got home and he was clean, cute, and happy to have been fed.  Looks like we have another dog unless someone claims him in the next week or two.  I’m going to run an ad in the paper and we’ll look out for “missing puppy” signs.  I guess after two weeks he is ours.

Introducing, Nicky:

Yes, we’ll keep an eye out for signs, but I’m already convinced that he was meant to be a part of our family.   I’m convinced that he was sent to us by our Sadie Girl.

{Fate’s a funny thing.}

*bird clock:  a clock we’ve had forever in our kitchen that has a different bird sing at the top of each our.  The ten o’clock bird sings, “Sadie Girl, girl girl girl girl… Sadie Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl…”


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23 Responses to “St. Nick(y)”
  1. 12.24.2009

    Awwww, beautiful doggy. (And photogenic too!)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mish! Can’t wait to see you in February!

  2. 12.24.2009

    Looks like Nick is already making himself right at home on the furniture. He’s awfully cute. I just hope that there’s not a family in tears hoping that he will come home. It’s good that he is safe and being loved.

  3. 12.24.2009

    Of course we hope the same. I’ve already checked all the online places where he could be listed as missing. We’ll definitely watch for signs and look on boards in the grocery store.

  4. Jodi

    This post made me cry.

    Tears of sadness welled up on me thinking of Sadie.

    Tears of happiness welled up on me thinking of Nicky.

    I remember that clock.

  5. 12.25.2009

    OMG, cute, cute, cute puppy! My heart is happy that you are doing all you can to make sure that the little guy doesn’t already have a home, and I am hoping he doesn’t because I know that you guys will give him an awesome life. And now I am aching for a puppy. Someday. Someday.

  6. 12.25.2009

    What a beautiful dog! Merry Christmas to you all!

  7. That is AWESOME, and I know Sadie sent him. No doubt.

  8. 12.25.2009

    Cute doggy. Merry Christmas, Mishi – to you and all of yours.

  9. 12.25.2009

    ok.i’m crying out loud b/c i remember the post you did when sadie passed. and i cried out loud then. and this sweet nicky. yes, fate! what a wonderful story. a wonderful xmas story!
    i did one last week on a beloved pet we had… you can see how we honored her. it was sad the first year, but now, i get a warm fuzzy feeling way deep inside when we set up our tree…
    merry christmas to you and your sweet family!

  10. 12.25.2009

    I’m in love with the little guy myself now. If I’ve realized anything as a rescue animal home, Fate will always intervene and play a hand when you least expect it. Nicky was meant to be.

    Need an example Hallow (named because he showed up on Halloween night) arrived on my doorstep on a night when black cats are generally kept inside and never, ever adopted out. Friendliest, lovable stray I’ve ever had. Waits patiently for the other cats to eat and doesn’t go all territorial. No one has claimed him yet, after the holidays I’ll get him fixed and find him a forever home. He came to the right place at the right time on a most dangerous night.

    Nicky came to the right place just when he was wanted and needed most. Fate, tricky little nuance, but oh so right with the timing. (Hugs)Indigo

  11. 12.25.2009

    Thanks so much everyone! We are already in love with him.

  12. such a wonderful story, I do hope that you get to keep him.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. 12.26.2009

    Nicky is beautiful! That’s too much like fate, and Nicky looks too much like he belongs…heck, he looks like he’s been sitting on that couch his whole life.

    Hugs to you!

  14. 12.26.2009

    What a gorgeous dog… it’s clearly meant to be :)

  15. 12.26.2009

    I hope he’s yours to keep. He is adorable. :)

  16. 12.26.2009

    He is beautiful which makes me know he will fit in perfectly with the Lane Family. ;) Merry Christmas love.

  17. 12.27.2009

    Oh, this story made me cry. I hope you are able to keep him but if there are owners looking for him, they’ll be so relieved to know he was looked after so well.

  18. 12.27.2009

    I saw the pictures and immediately thought of Sadie. She’s sent by her. No doubt about that!
    What a great Christmas present, I’m so happy for you!

  19. 12.28.2009

    SO CUTE.

  20. Suzanne

    I writing this through tears – sad tears for Sadie and happy tears for Nicky. How adorable is he! I’m such a sap. Congratulations on such a sweet faced boy and very photogenic! Merry Christmas!

  21. 12.30.2009

    I have a beagle/dachshund mix that we adopted from the shelter, and Nicky’s sweet little beagle face (especially in the second pic) reminds me so much of Jack! He is adorable, and I fully believe in Fate bringing us together with both pets AND people!

  22. 01.02.2010

    how gorgeous! I hope he becomes a permanent part of your family!

  23. 01.03.2010

    Aw… Merry Christmas (a little late).

    When we got our second dog, the animal shelter was closed for the weekend. By the time Monday rolled around, she was a part of the family.

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