Summer Lovin’

We are in the water nearly every day of the week.  Appropriately so, as it’s so hot outside.   On the first day of summer I feel like it’s the twenty-third, because that’s how many days we’ve dipped into a pool.

We’re already tanned (except for the boy that got his Papa’s skin-tone), and it’s not even July yet.   More’s coming, and it’s coming with a trip to Buffalo for my father’s 60th birthday on the Fourth of July along with the Macedonian Festival at our church.

I vowed not to complain about the heat after the long, cold winter we had.  So, I won’t.  Instead, I will welcome every day filled with splish-splashes, butter cookies, cold water, the smell of chlorine, and bathing suits hanging to dry outside.




[Images captured on my Droid Eris with FxCamera and Retro Camera]

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2 Responses to “Summer Lovin’”
  1. 06.22.2011

    Lately, mine only want to swim when it’s not convenient or wise (for example, wildfire smoke yesterday). I love the way your pics turned out with the apps. I’ve been wanting to find an Android photo app to play with. Will try these!

  2. 06.22.2011

    We get to the pool almost every day too. It’s the only way to survive this crazy heat. Great photos.

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