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Thank you to Log Cabin for sponsoring my post about updated traditions in my household.

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Growing up in a Macedonian family we followed many traditions.  Over the years, as I have grown as a mother, I have realized how important it is to keep traditions alive.   While they might not be exactly the same as they were when I was a child, keeping family traditions is very much a goal of mine as the matriarch of our little-big family.

Most recently I adapted the Orthodox New Year’s tradition of hiding a coin in a strudel to hiding it in our family favorite…cornbread!   I’m sure I could probably give a go at making the cheese strudel like my mother and grandmother do, but, over the years, we have come to love cornbread so much that it was a natural evolution of the tradition.

Before I met Michael I had never even tried cornbread.  However, becoming the wife of a man who was born and raised in the south, and eventually living in the south, has really broadened—not only—my taste buds, it has also supplemented my tradition bank.   Now I have Macedonian traditions to draw from, and southern traditions too!

New OrleansOne of my favorite traditions is the one that involves eating Red Beans and Rice on Mondays.  When we lived in New Orleans we found ourselves eating out a lot (I mean, it is dubbed the “Fat City”), and one I enjoyed the most was eating our traditional Monday meal, in the French Quarter, on a balcony like the one at Bourbon Vieux or Cajun Cabin.

Making Red Beans and Rice, at home, is super simple, though.   And, when we make a big pot of them we always make a big pan of cornbread.  There’s nothing like mixing it all up, dousing it with Louisiana hot sauce, and gobbling it up till your belly hurts.  The sausage, the beans, the rice, the cornbread, the flavor—it’s definitely one of my favorite comfort foods.

The best thing about making meals with cornbread, though, is having leftovers for breakfast.   The kids love it so much.  They pop their leftover piece in the microwave, for a few seconds, and top it with our *family’s favorite syrup.  Adding milk and fruit makes it one of the best breakfasts ever.

It really is funny how so many traditions revolve around the dinner table.  Food brings family together, and traditions bind us to our past.  I hope that our children continue them, and pass them on to their children someday.

Every tradition grows ever more venerable – the more remote its origin, the more confused that origin is. The reverence due to it increases from generation to generation. The tradition finally becomes holy and inspires awe. —Friedrich Nietzsche

*Our family’s favorite syrup is Log Cabin, and it has everything to do with the fact that it is free of high fructose corn syrup. Good syrup doesn’t need to have any of that stuff in it, and I am happy that Log Cabin realizes that!   While this is a sponsored post from Log Cabin Syrup, I am emphatic about foods that are free of HFCS, and hope that others do their best to eliminate it from our daily diets.

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