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Out of Focus {In Focus}

Out of Focus In Focus

sometimes you just have to put your thoughts down
without punctuation
without spell check
without grammar policing
for me it’s easier to hear my thoughts when i’m listening to tunes
i just wish it was dark, and that i had some wine
or smoke
then maybe i could put down even more unadulterated thoughts
like the ones where i say i want to splash color on my walls
burnt reds and yellows and blues
thoughts like i want music to play all day
while i dance barefoot
breasts swinging free without the prison that is a bra
thoughts about new sneakers
that have been often thought about
finally on my feet
that feel so perfect and right
thoughts like i want massive shelves
put together to house books about mushrooms, planes, yoga, and trains
thoughts about a photo mosaic wall
made up of a million different picture frames
some bought at the flea market
others bought at the goodwill
and none bought at the conglomerate down the street
and just then i close my eyes and dream about a room that is my own
tiffany blue with a yellow chandelier
an easel and paint and a chair covered in crushed red velvet
with a basket of fruit in the center of the scratched and painted on tabletop
the kind of fruit that begs you to take a bite
no napkins
just fleshy fruit that when bitten drips down your fingers
and chin
just then out of the window the sun glows low through the trees
with a beckoning warmth
that makes you forget that your fingers are sticky
that your face is refreshingly dirty with the juice of the earth
these are the thoughts that are dancing in my head
they are out of focus
in focus

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