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Apple Dumplings

A big huge THANK YOU to my cousin, Pauline, for suggesting these during an evening conversation while I drove home from a photo shoot.

The kids thank her. Michael thanks her.  I think Summer even thanks her.

[recipe follows]

Ingredients for Individual Apple Dumplings (which are kind of like pie, which totally rules the planet)

Refrigerated Pie Crust (you could most certainly make your own; I’m looking at YOU, Rachel Matthews)
Apples (peeled and sliced)
Brown Sugar
Kraft Caramels

Optional ingredients include raisins, walnuts, and really whatever your pie’ish loving heart desires

Directions (that are really easy to follow and might make you laugh or cry)

(Preheat oven to 400* and spray baking sheet with cooking spray)

1) Cut top and bottom pie crust dough into quarters
2) Roll out with rolling pin
3) Place apple slices in middle
4) Sprinkle sugar and spice
5) Add caramel to center
6) Wrap up dough around apples and stuff
7) Brush with butter
8) Place into oven for 20 minutes  (I checked them at 15, and at 20 they were perfect)
9) Take out and place on plate/bowl
10) Scoop some whip cream or vanilla ice cream on top
11) Eat (which will sound like this:  nomnomnomgobblenomnomoh!)
12) Listen to your family “oooohhh” and “ahhhhh” over this yummy treat
13) Feel full, but wish for more
14) Go to store to buy more pie crust
15) Repeat and gain back all the weight you lost  (wait?! WHAT?!)

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