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Meet Anissa

Meet Anissa

You know you are going to be good friends when your new relationship is founded on vampires.  Why?  Well, because vamps are where it’s at, yo!

I met Anissa in Room 704.  The original Room 704 at Blissdom09.  There she sat, on the edge of the bed, all busty and beautiful.  I had just thrown back some drink that VDog-the-Cracker gave me, I was tired, a little punchy, and I don’t know how it happened but someone said something about Twilight.

Anissa was talking about Edward and next thing I knew I was standing behind her.

I whispered, “Say it.”


“Say it,” I demanded.

“Vampire.” she said in her best Kristen Stewart impersonation with a face that even resembled Kristen Stewart’s Oh-My-God-Someone-Farted-in-Here-Face.

We busted out laughing.

And that was it.  Anissa and I were bonded forever.

I’m thrilled that our relationship has gone above and beyond vampires.  Though, if she’d be willing to pretend she was Bella, I’d be willing to don some fangs and bite her on the neck, all rough and shit.

In all seriousness… I am honored that Anissa asked me to be part of her new, awesome project.

It’s a site called Aiming Low.   Here’s what it’s about:

It’s not about the failure to attain perfection….it’s about understanding that perfection is not only over-rated, it’s a big fat whopping lie-burger with cheese…and fries…and onions.

We are a group of women/moms/bloggers/friends/writers that believe that there’s no shame in serving mac and cheese for dinner three nights in a row, Febreeze was created to make a questionably clean shirt smell ready-to-walk-out-the-door-fresh and that slack isn’t a way of life…it’s an art.

Meet Aiming Low
(not all, but in good Aiming Low form I can’t possibly find everyone’s picture to put up here

Meet Aiming Low

(not pictured: Angie, Meghan, Rachel, Hilly, Allison, Katie, Ali, Jen & me)

Anissa and AL Girls:  I look forward to aiming low with you,
but really we’ll be aiming high.  Because we are destined for greatness.
Believe that!

We Are Like Bricks

With Each Brick Laid

When I saw this picture, that I took while on the Blissdom Photowalk in Downtown Nashville, after editing all of the Blissdom’09 pictures, I instantly thought of all the women and men that I met and the bonds that have been formed as a result of coming together.

Various bloggers from various blogging circles (or not) came together, but from what I observed everyone was made to feel welcomed and united. It was a great thing to witness.   Every one of us unique in our own rite, just like the bricks of a building.

Together they are strong and sturdy.
Together they are beautiful and they contribute to a greater good.
Together they make up so much more than one little brick standing alone.

Here are all the beautiful bricks of Blissdom 2009 (and if you aren’t on this list, let me know!):


Lisa Scott







Sugar Jones

Jen Lancaster

Lisa A.

Tara Anderson

Jordana Adams

Jill Anderson

Toni Anderson


Angie Arthur

Alyssa Avant

Shannan B




Sarah Bane

Nicole Bateman

Mary Anne Beasley




Lisa Boyd

Poppy Buxom

Dawn Camp

Malia Carden

Ally Carrillo

Mary Carver

Pam Case

Kelby Carr

Mary Carver

Amy Clark

Tanna Clark

Jes Ferris

Catherine Conners

Sandy Coughlin

Robin Dance

Annie F. Downs

Jennifer Doyle

Hillary Dunham

Mary Ellen

Emily Elling


Laurin Evans

Lori Falcon

Leslie Flinger

Jes Ferris

Beth Fletcher

Kelli Foster

Monica Gregory

Becky Grizovic

Amy Halleran

Jody Halsted

Amber Haines



Laryssa Herbert

Katie Howard

Elizabeth King Humphrey

Kelly Lynam

Carrie Lauth


Deanna Garretson



Balancing Beauty and Bedlam





Mandy Johnson


Mandy Johnson

Barbara Jones

Josh and Rebecca

Megan Jordan


Michelle Kelley


Sarah Kopliku


Tara Kuczykowski

Michelle Lamar

Mishelle Lane

Carrie Lauth


Marie LeBaron

Jessica Lewis

Amy Locurto

Shannon Lowe

Amy Lupold Bair

Julie Maloney


Jessica Maurice

Mary Ellen

Nancy Martira

Rachel McDaniels

Heather McGimsey

Anne McGraw

Melissa Michaels

Joy Miller

Kate Miller

Tanis Miller

Rhoda Montgomery


Casey Mullins

Jo-Lynne Musings

Janine N.

Melanie Nelson

The Nester


Veronica (Roni) Noone

Tsh Oxenreider

Colleen Padilla

Jyl Pattee

Meredith Pelham

Sarah Peppel

Kelley Phillips

Stephanie Precourt

Katja Presnal

Pamela Punt

Jenny Rapson

Jerri Ann Reason


Carrissa Rogers

Renee Ross

Sandy Coughlin



Lori Seaborg

Linda Sellers

Arianne Segerman

Angie Six

Michelle Smiles

Angel Smith

Danielle Smith

Jessica Smith

Katy Spears

Christi Stapleton

Liz Strauss

Heather Thomas

Jessica Turner

Amy Urquhart

Denise Voccola

Weekly Winners LXV

Weekly Winners::For More Go To Sarcastic Mom's Blog

These pictures are all from the photo walk that I went on with friends, new and old, in Nashville TN.   Michael and I were accompanied by Lotus and Braden, Maggie, Lisa, Jill, Roni, Colleen, Leighann, and Michelle!   It was so much fun and hopefully next year the group will grow.   There’s also a Photowalk Flickr Group; check it out.

G-Clef Nashville

Hanging with Mistletoe

Voted Club of the Year

In Descendance

Right Angles

In Honor of Mr. Lady

She's On Second Avenue

Posing Musicians

Spotting Colors

It Must Be a Head Shop

The American National Bank Tattoo Parlor


Orgasm in a Styrofoam Box


Outdoor Bokeh

Empty Patio

Another Chance Encounter

Sun Flare

Maggie Snaps Mishi and Vice Versa

Michael Chillin'

Strummin' For You

Mother and Son

Blissful Moments

At the very beginning I captured this stellar smile; that right there should have told me how the weekend would go.


I took pictures of beautiful mamas and their precious babes.


I watched phenomenal women think and create.


I saw pride beam out of every single pore.


And I caught others catching a glimpse of me in action.


I drooled over boots and shoes of all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.


I asked questions and got answers.


I watched a blissful blaze of dancing.


And that same first smile that I saw, early on, the first day?  I watched her in her glory, singing her lungs out, with a good old redneck woman.   HELL YEAH!


Blissdom ’09 on Flickr

The Blissdom’09 Flickr Pool | My Blissdom’09 Photography





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