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Dinner with Friends

This blog has afforded me a number of things.  One of those things?  Friendship.

And for it I am so thankful.

I don’t have very many friends that I see on a daily basis.   On a daily basis, though, I see and feel the love of so many that I call my friends.  Love when they come here and tell me something sweet.  Love when they leave me a comment on an old picture on Flickr or Facebook.  Love on Twitter when I am asked a very random question that I just totally get.  Love when I get an email inviting me to a gathering of friends, old and new.

The friends that live in my laptop are so great.

And for them I am so thankful.

Sweetest Georgia Peach -  Cheesehead - Canuck I Have the Pleasure of Knowing

She's Got Beautiful Eyes

Big Wine for Big Bloggers
@motherbumper {on left, in purpley bokeh splendidness}

A New Friend Named Apryl

Cleaning Up After @gavmartell's Scrumptious Dinner!

Me in the Mirror
@secretagentmama {in selfy-pee}

“You blog; I do luggage.”

Meet Mario. He does luggage. And he’s damn good at it.

My flight didn’t leave until 4:47pm on Sunday.  Because of this I had the pleasure of walking around Chi-town with Tara and Heather.  *Lou was taking both Tara and I to the airport, so it was only natural that we hang.   I was thrilled because I didn’t have a chance to do that with either.  It was special and I look forward to getting to know these two friends more.

Back to Mario:

I had my bags with me, as I was checked out, Sunday morning.  Luckily the Sheraton offers a service where they will hold your bags.  I had three…my big suitcase, the swag [that I just got and didn’t get in fights for] duffle bag, and my laptop.  Mario proceeded to attach a tag to my main suitcase.

“Ummm shouldn’t we put one on each bag? I mean, what if they get lost?”

“No; one will do.”

“Are you sure?”

“Look.  You blog; I do luggage. I’m sure!”

And sure enough when I came back my bags were intact.  None were lost.   After all, I had Mario to handle things.

*Lou — He who will have one whole post dedicated to his kindness!

Keep Asheville Weird

Oh My Heck, I Love!

A while back I was asked to be a part of Kelby Carr’s Type-A Mom Conference this September.  I was excited and honored, to say the least.   Surely  it’s the validation and recognition for doing what I do here in the blog-o-sphere that makes the honor so great.   Then Kelby kicked it up a notch and asked me how I felt about doing half of my session in a room (like a traditional panel) and the other half on the streets of the host city.   The photowalk through the funky streets would give the attendees of my session a chance to get some hands on experience as well as give me a chance to do what I do best;  mixing my photography and people skills together in a big pot and pouring it out on the streets of Asheville.   Weird they want to keep it and I have no problem with that what-so-ever.

Kelby told me that the Crown Plaza was willing to have me spend the night as their special guest.  So, I planned and took off last Saturday for Asheville. The trip was just under four hours and I was to meet up with Kelby and her family around noon.   While I waited for them to show up I talked with Pauline on the phone and guzzled another iced Americano.    Once they got there I hopped in my van and followed them to our first destination:  LUNCH!

Coca-Cola Look Up! (always look up) The Sun by: @panicbooks

We ate at the Mellow Mushroom, much to their eldest daughter’s dismay.  Even the promise of coloring pages couldn’t help her erase the frown.  That is until the pink lemonades were cracked out.    Lunch was fun.  Kelby’s husband Mike picked up my camera and hence began our efforts to try to get each other in portrait.  Photographers aren’t too into getting their own picture taken by others.   I think Mike and I felt the same way, making this game of cat and mouse even more fun!

6/6: Seriously My Fave

Once we were done with lunch we headed over to Izzy’s coffee shop to get some caffeination, then over to Malaprops bookstore where Mike found a book for me, Journals by Kurt Cobain. I see how easy it is to get lost in a place like that.  When I was checking out there was some comical banter between myself and the guy behind the counter.  Oddly enough it was about a plastic bag.

I didn’t stop snapping once and I imagined how it would be to lead a small group of women through the streets.  Early on I started to devise a plan of attack for the conference.  Then I just forgot about the plan because I was having way too much fun.   There was so much to see and take in; I felt right at home.  I wonder if I could get Michael to move us there?

She Sat Down Picked Up Some Reading Material and I Did What I Do Someone's Paradise

Kelby and Mishi When Pigs Fly, Dood

Kelby took me in some great shops and we even got to stop at something called the Bizarre Bazaar, where many local artists were showing off and selling their work.  Everywhere I looked was a nugget of amazement.   I armed myself with my business card to give to the artists that I photographed.  I wanted to make their images available to them here on the blog and/or at my flickr stream.   [If you are one of the artists that I met on Saturday, please let me know by leaving me a comment.  Remember me?  Dark hair, big lens, pretty smile, long white skirt!]


Kinda Posed, Kinda Not (Ok, Kinda Posed)

It's Perfect On You!

We walked on towards Grove Arcade and Battery Park Apartments.   Mike paused to tell me some stories about both buildings.   He told me of how a young woman was brutally murdered in the Battery Park Apartments and how people have committed suicide by jumping off.

As I Snapped He Told Me Stories

The Battery Park Hotel is now an apartment building.  It is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who was brutally murdered.  On the morning of July 17th, 1936, Helen Clevenger was discovered murdered in room 224.   She had been savagely beaten, her face slashed, and she had been shot.  An employee, Martin Moore, eventually confessed and died in the gas chamber.  The Battery Park Hotel also has been the scene of a number of suicides committed by jumping from the roof.  On stormy nights Helen is seen wandering the halls of the old hotel.  People have reported seeing bodies falling from the roof.  A tragic suicide being replayed over and over?
–Sarah Harrison, Founder and Lead Investigator for Asheville Paranormal Society

Afterwards Kelby, the twins, and I strolled through Grove Arcade, looking at all the shops and gabbing non-stop while Mike and their eldest daughter scattered to another book store.  Inside I was totally lost in the architechture and the symmetry.  It was so beautiful and the way the light was coming through the sky roof was incredible.

Light and Reflections Part I

I had the best time talking to Kelby and learning more about her.  I was grateful that I had the chance to meet her like this.  After we found the bathroom and cheered her boy twin for going potty in the public bathroom, we headed out to wait for the book hound and daughter.

Then I was introduced to Ben and Roger.  This is Ben:

This is Ben (Roger is his Twin)

We then walked on to Pritchard Park where we encountered a Salsa dancing troupe and an accompanying group of musicians.  I scoped out a space on a bench and had myself a seat.  The  sun was beating down on me, but I didn’t care.  The moment was perfect.  I could feel my body sway to the music and a huge smile spread across my face.

Guitars and Dancing = Love Love

Thin Strapped Summer Shirt

I Covet Her Sandals

Delighted I turned to the man next to me and was all, Don’t you wish we could go down there and dance?  And he was all, Oh yeah–I live for this stuff.   As he leaned in closer to gab some more I smelled the beer on him.   I don’t know why I love to smell beer on men, but I do.  Then he leaned over to the lady on the other side of him, to talk about Ft. Lauderdale.  Talk about random!

I sat down next to this man and we struck up a convo about how cool it would be to go

Our last stroll for the day was through the Wall Street area.  This street has such a European feel to it that you can’t help but want to photograph it.  I could have stayed there all day photographing little details like the brick lined sidewalk, the beautiful people, the store fronts, the animals hanging out in the store fronts, all of it.  It was all so perfect that I was even able to ignore the blister on my toe!

This Sidewalk Makes Me Want to Kiss Someone Right There EAT

I Cat Called Her (and she liked it) I'm Seeing Stars

Sitting on the Bench I Captured This Guy

After this we hopped into the comfort of our air conditioned vehicles and took a drive through the Montford area that is reminiscent of the Garden District in New Orleans.  We quickly took a tour of Riverside Cemetary, too, planning to come back the very next day to walk it some.   The cemetery is the final resting place for Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) and has much interesting and historical meaning.  I anticipated walking around the next day, but we were spent.

WSP TOM and his OfferingsO. Henry A Fork in the Road

It was time to head to my hotel so that I could check in, rest, and get ready for the night ahead.   Later that night I would be attending a walk through of The Haunted Woods (also known as The Body Dump) with the Asheville Paranormal Society.  But first, I needed to shower and relax.  The big day had caught up to me and when I crashed into my bed (the bed I have nicknamed Heaven) I fell asleep for a solid 25 minutes, but it felt more like 3 hours.   I woke up ready to go and tackle the ghosts in the woods.

Oh and being the VIP that I was/am, Crown Plaza sent me a little gift.  How did they know that I love chocolate covered strawberries?   I can’t wait to go sleep there again.

Blogging Has Perks

(l-r: Jill, Me, Gina, Dawn, Lisa, Bridget, and Monica)

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending one of the kick offs of the North American Yanni Voices Tour.

I had already had a taste of Voices, in the form of Ender Thomas and Nathan Pacheco, at Blissdom ’09, and I knew I was in for a nice treat.  Plus, I remember how in love  my mother was with Yanni in the eighties;  his long dark hair and thick black mustache standing out in my mind.   Certainly, though, times have changed.   Yanni neither  sports  long hair nor a mustache though his musical skills obviously remain.

My friend Shelly (of Eat More Chili fame) accompanied me, and before the show we got a bite to eat.   Around 6:50pm we got to Will Call and I picked up our tickets.    We found our seats (and Dawn–whom I was expecting to be there–gave us our backstage passes.)  After a little while the concert began.

The music was top-notch. Every single musician was the best-of-the-best and it was a pure honor to watch them all play together.   Nathan, Ender, Chloe, and Leslie were also spectacular.   Nathan’s voice has the power to move you to tears.  Ender has an energy about him that just draws you in.  And Chloe and Leslie put most of the pop-stars out there to shame with their voices.   Yanni was personable and I enjoyed when he spoke to the audience, at times, during the show.

My most favorite part, though, was when two of the violinists had a play-off.  Just brilliant!

Yanni Voices Mosaic{Visit Yanni Voices Concert Set on Flickr}

Here’s a Vlog-Vee Log-Video Blog of the Big Night
*Shelly you really don’t sound like that.  I do bad impressions

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