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Meet Amy & Diane

Lovely Ladies Let Me Drink You Sweetly

You may know them as Doobleh-Vay and Momo Fali

If I didn’t love them so much I would have been insanely jealous of them.  Because they were roomies with Piper at BlogHer. At least I can say that Piper sure knows how to pick her friends.  Except that I already knew about the loveliness that is Amy and Diane.

I’ve been a long time reader of both, and both offer something pretty amazing to the blogging world.

1) They can write like nobody’s business.

2) They are beautiful to the max.

3) They both have their affiliations with Blog Nosh Mag (Amy being a channel editor and Momo being a featured guest)

4) They are smart, classy, unique, and absolutely addictive.   I mean, you get around them and you just crave more, more, more.

5) They are both friends with ME!

Lovely lad(ies), let me drink you, please,
I wont spill a, drop no, I promise you.
Lying under this spell you cast on me.
Each moment the more, I, love, you. crush me, come on. oh, yes.

Its crazy Im thinking, just knowing that the world is round.
Im here Im dancing on the ground.
Am I right side up or upside down?
Is this real, oh lord, or am I dreaming?

Meet Amy & Amber

Meet Amy

Amy on the streets of Chi-town

“I’m sorry,” I said in response to Amy telling us that she was in the process of getting a divorce.

You say that, right? You say your sorry when something ends, whether it be a life, a marriage, an agreement, a whatever.  What if it’s not ending, though?  What if it’s just beginning?

I listened to Amy tell Lotus about what was going on, interjecting a little bit here and a little bit there.  Mostly I just listened.  She sounded so confident that this was the best thing for everyone involved.   She sounded reborn and hopeful. I hung on her every word.

You say your sorry, it’s the polite thing to say, but after the initial blurt I didn’t feel sorry for my new friend anymore.

We had many moments of togetherness in our room.   I warned everyone that I might snore and one night Amy said she had to sleep with her iPod on.  I’m sorry for that.  In my defense, I had drank a lot and smoked a lot and those things amplify the snoring.   Oh, who am I kidding; I snore.

Amy is aptly @fruitlady on Twitter.  She’s a peach. She’s sweet.  She’s juicy.  She’s gorgeous. She’s perfectly imperfect (just like the rest of us.)  She’s definitely someone you want to keep in your bowl of fruits!   I mean, come on, she put snacks out on the desk for us.  Those yogurt covered raisins were the best!

Here’s to Amy as she embarks on a new phase in her life.   I wish her every single success in all that she encounters, in all her Inherent Passions.

* * * * * * *

Meet Amber

Amber pictured on the left with the ever-lovely Sarah who is so sweet and delightful, it hurts!  I do have to say, too, that Sarah can talk me out of an anxiety attack any day.
Now that’s a good person to know!

The first thing I noticed about Amber was her smile.  It lights up her whole face.  She smiles, you smile.  I guarantee.

I got a text from her asking if she could meet me to get into the room.  I texted her back that I was in the room, and to just come on up.  I answered the door and there she was with her big smile and her gorgeous, golden, curly locks.   Instantly I knew that I’d like her.

Soon after she arrived she ordered room service.  She got her delicious looking and smelling chicken sandwich with fries, a little while later, and climbed under the covers and ate with the tray atop.   I’m kind of strange in that I love to watch people eat.  Amber made every bite look heavenly.  Like, I could see the gratefulness of life in each and every bite.  Yes,  Amber would be someone that I would grow to love.

Of course I snored for Amber, too.  I think she actually called out to me to roll over.  That was the night that it was just the two of us sleeping in the room.  When we woke up in the morning I remember having sweet morning conversations before getting ready to head out.   It’s those times that are formative in new relationships;  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity.

I learned that Amber is a travel blogger. I learned that her husband, Jamie, recently lost his great pumpkin, Charlie Brown, to very inclement weather.   I learned that she’s into doing stuff like a 5K rollerblade.  I learned that Amber is a Mile High Mama.   I learned that she’s Mormon and I told her that I wanted to be adopted by a Mormon family because they are just the happiest bunch of families I’ve ever seen.   And I think she said she would do it if it wasn’t for the snoring thing.

I don’t know how it happened, but I was lucky enough to have not ONE, not TWO, but THREE awesome roomies at BlogHer. Thanks for the great moments in Room 2346!

Meet Terra

Meet Terra

Zoeyjane with Busy Dad and Miss Britt Reflecting in her Sun Glasses

“Forgive yourself.  You’re the one who deserves it.”

That was the last sentence that Grace Davis spoke at her Keynote speech at BlogHer.   With tears in my eyes I panned the full room, hearing sniffles and observing tear streaked cheeks, and they landed on Terra.  She was up from her seat, in the arms of Angie, and I felt compelled to go to her.

I think I hugged her.  I think I kissed her cheek.  I think I asked her if she was ok.   I don’t remember exactly, though, because all I can clearly remember is the look on her face.  The face of a young woman wise beyond her years.  The face of a young woman who has been to hell and back.  The face of a young woman  learning to forgive herself.

Terra and I worked on a project together.  We had our individual work to be done, but we worked together.  I would be up late, trying to finish, to make the deadline, and instead of working I would be chatting with Terra.   We really got to know each other during that time and I looked forward to meeting her at BlogHer.

“Have you seen Terra yet?”

“Has Terra come in yet?”

“I hope I see Terra soon.”

When I did see her she was out, though. Literally out.  I was taken aback and  I didn’t know what to think.   I saw pain in her eyes, however it wasn’t until I saw the look in her face at the Keynote Speech that I understood.   Then bits and pieces of conversations flooded me.  It wasn’t about me. Or [you.] Or [them.]  It was about her.  She was dealing with everything and nothing and then some.

Yesterday she posted her manifesto.

Terra has had so much heartache.

Terra has had so much hardship.

Terra has seen so much ugliness.


Terra also has a strong soul.

Terra will always prevail.

Terra is beautiful.

Of all this I am certain…

Another thing I am certain of is that Terra—no matter what—will always have a friend in me.

Meet María

MariaChris Mann and *María outside of the Room 704 Party on Thursday night at BlogHer.

Back in June of 2008, I read a post that just made my jaw drop.  I had just found the blogger that wrote it.  You know, the way we all somehow find each other; I spotted her name in comments somewhere (probably on Mr. Lady’s blog) and I was intrigued.  Immoral Matriarch?  Really?  Tell me more!   Then I read Dance, Dance.   I just had to know her.

I would comment a little bit here, and a little bit there. Mostly I read everything she wrote and became really fond of her.   What I liked most was her honesty.   And her dedication to being a mother, a strong one at that, to her daughters.   She’s been faced with adversity and from what I’ve seen she prevails.

There’s been something change in María though.  It totally has to do with a little four letter word.  A little four letter word that is so powerful and poignant.   L-O-V-E   I love watching this love story unfold via her boyfriend, Joey’s Cardboard Love site.  That little “interview” they did on there is totally awesome, by the way!  Her laughter is infectious.   My favorite thing about this whole thing, though, is that I heard the story of how they met and fell into the big, luscious vat of ooey-gooey love from María, herself.   

(P.S. María and Joey, I love that you guys had cybersex on the “first date”!)

Here’s the thing:  María and I may not have the same political beliefs.  María and I may not have the same skin color.  María and I may not feel the same way about Santa Claus.  None of this matters to me because I love María’s heart.  I love her sense of humor. I love her taste in music and men (have you seen Joey?)   I love…

I love the way she loves her friends, differences and all.

*María:  Say it with me class, “Mahhh-reeee-ahhhh”

Meet Jim

If You Don't Know Him Then Shame On You

When I first found Jim’s Busy Dad Blog I was instantly drawn to him.  He was full of humor, he wrote well, he showed off his mad dad skillz, and he wasn’t hard on the eyes at all.   I had to be his friend and I’m fairly certain that I was just plain old blunt about it.

[The following is a re-enactment from back in the Cre8buzz days.]

Me:  Hi.

Jim: Uhhh, hi.

Me: We are going to be friends, ok?

Jim: O.K.

Me: Cuz I, like, love you and stuff.  You’re cool. I’m cool.  We’re cool.

Jim: Cool!

Me: No, seriously; we are so totally BFFs now.

Jim:  I believe you.

It probably didn’t happen like that.  Or it totally happened like that.  Either way, I am happy to say that Jim is cool with being my friend.  Thank You, God!

One time he did this Iron Chef post with his son, Fury.  From that we did a challenge between our blogs/kids.  It stands as one of my all-time favorite posts involving my kids. [ Iron Chef Challenge on here and The Return of Iron Chef Fury: Kitchen Stadium Showdown on The Busy Dad Blog. ]   We’ve been wanting to do another one, but I can’t seem to get on the ball.  Hopefully soon, though, we will have another one!

Meeting Jim at BlogHer was a big highlight for me.    I totally think of Jim as a brother.    He’s the kind of guy that you can turn to for advice.  He’s the kind of guy that would hold your hair back, while you puke, if you [blog]hopped with him too much.   He’s the kind of guy that would close down the karaoke bar with you.   He’s the kind of pseudo-bro that your girlfriends will drool over because he’s just that hot.   He’s even the kind of guy that your husband likes and jokes with (scroll down to the last comments for that one.)

He’s just a really good guy, and that’s why I will always be proud to call him my friend.

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