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Meet Angie

angie & mishi
Standing on the Promenade with Busy Dad, Avitable, Miss Britt, and Terra; Angie Kissed Me!

The first picture I ever saw of Angie was kinda like this one except her husband was pretending to take a bite out of her and it was a picture of her and her husband, not us at BlogHer09; so it was kinda like this, but not really.  For all intents and purposes, though, it was just like this picture minus the biting, minus Patrick, and add in my sunglasses and windblown hair.

Angie’s first comment came to me on a post I wrote on September 17, 2007.  We became acquainted on a site called Cre8Buzz and ever since then we have been bloggy besties.  Cre8Buzz came and went, but my friendship with this girl who calls her blog  “a whole lot of nothing” stayed and flourished.   Angie is a whole lot of something, if you ask me, and meeting her was a highlight for me.   It was just our bodies meeting, in the flesh, because I know her and she knows me;  our friendship was cemented many moons ago.

Next month Angie’s going to come to Atlanta [with another friend of ours.]  She’s going to stay the night here.  She’ll sit on my couch.  She’ll use my bathroom.  She’ll see my kids with her own eyes and maybe we’ll even pump up the jams and dance in my kitchen.   She’ll even drink some of my coffee.  And with this–and much more–another level of our friendship develops.

She likes Oprah, but I don’t hold it against her.  You know why? Because she’s Angie.  And she’s my friend.

Meet Lou

Lou and Loralee

Lou with Loralee on Thursday morning at the West Egg in Chicago

He promised a big huge hug upon meeting me, and–whoa–did he deliver.

Lou (or lceel as he signs his posts) has always been one of my most faithful readers and commenters.  There have been days when his comments really did me a lot of good.  He’s the real deal, too.  He doesn’t say nice things to blow smoke up the proverbial ass; he means every word he says.  And when you need someone to listen he’s there.

When I told Lou that I’d be coming into the Windy City, on a jet plane, for BlogHer he offered to pick me up.  The offer was not just for me, though.  He was there to help out all of his blogging family (his harem as his sweet wife, Annie, referred to us).  Who knows how many times he went back-and-forth to the airport(s)?  What I do know is that he wanted to and didn’t mind one bit.  The only thing we had to pay him with was a hug.  I’m positive that every one of our blogging circle of friends got that big huge hug from him.

So, thank you Lou!  Thank you for being a gracious host in your favorite city.  Thank you for your time, your concern, and your tranquility.  Thank you for always being within earshot.  Thank you for being such a great friend.

Lou: To you I say, *Ndinombethe.

*Ndinombethe:  [African proverb] (pronounced “in-day-nom-bay-tay”)
Translation:  “As I go, I am wearing you.” Referring to the indelible handprint we leave on the lives of others as we cross paths, whether intended or accidental.

Meet Lotus

Lotus is a Flower

This is Lotus.  Sometimes I call her Loter.  Sometimes I call her Beesh.  But mostly I call her my Friend.

Lotus believed with every ounce of her being that I was going to go to BlogHer.  At one point I called and told her that it wasn’t happening.  Michael lost his job; there just wasn’t any sense in even thinking about going.   What did Lotus do?  Did she fill my spot in the room that we were going to share?   Did she accept my answer as final?   Did she count me out as I had already counted myself?   No-freaking-way!  She knew I would go.  She knew things would work out.  She believed.

We’ve been blogging together for quite a while now.  Our boys are almost the same age and we just get each other.  I’m pretty sure that we’ll be friends for a long time.   Honestly, I don’t think I see myself without such a friend whose name clearly describes her.

Lotus is a flower.
Her smile is true.
Her eyes are deep.
Her heart is kind.
Her love is fragrant.

I hope she always saves that spot in the room for me.

Weekly Winners {Chicago Edition}

City Flare

Through the Sidewalk Gate

Crossing the Street





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