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The Story of BlogHer {Part IX}

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-21Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-57
Lori and Sarah (on right)

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-22

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-59
Leah and Esther

Mishelle Lane Photography- Getting Gorgeous-71
Vera and Audrey

Mishelle Lane Photography- Getting Gorgeous-97

Diane (aka Momo)

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-35

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Renee and Amy

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Tarrant and Carmen

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

Always remember……

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

The Story of BlogHer {Part VIII}

More Beautiful Faces of BlogHer

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-5Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-9
Adrianne and Shauna

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-50
Ali and her sister Charna

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-52
Allison and Meredith

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-145
Laurin and Maria

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-148
Angie and Sam

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-25
Linda and Janine

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-36
Kelly and Carrisa

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-48
The Amazing Annabel and Angela

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
and (I’m not sure, do you know?)

The Story of BlogHer {Part VII}

Beautiful Faces of BlogHer

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-21

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Friday Night Walk-16

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Jen – Leah – Heather

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-27
Cindy and Angie
(and many other beauties)

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-20
Cecily, Kim, Loralee, Anissa, and Peter

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-4

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-3

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-109

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-102

The Story of BlogHer {Part VI}

Before (BlissDom ’09) —- During (BlogHer’10)

My Boo, Chris Mann; What a Mannventure!Still My Boo, Yo!

On the left you see a puffy faced, tired, ill eyebrowed, uncomfortable version of myself.  On the right you see a slimmed down, rejuvenated, naturally browed, confident me.   The tan helps, too, but I digress.    Back in February 2009 I almost considered omitting the picture that was taken of me and *Chris.  I was so embarrassed of my weight, and yet I hid that feeling so well.  I’ve always been able to hide that part of myself.   Now I’m happy that I didn’t pretend that picture didn’t exist, because I have it to compare to the one taken this month at BlogHer.   I see something different in my eyes and smile.   I see my true self, the one that’s not hiding a damn thing.


My First 5K

My Cheerleader: Leah of Bookieboo

Who knew that when I started my interval training with the C25K app, this summer, that it would culminate in actually completing my first 5K at BlogHer?!  I was afraid (A LOT afraid) when I heard back from the organizer of the BlogHer 5K.   Then I just shut up and bit the bullet.  When I posted about it on Twitter my friend Leah offered to run it alongside me.   I told her that I would be slow.  She didn’t care.  I told her that I would have to walk some of it.  She said I just needed to keep up.  I told her that I was scared.  She said I had no reason to be because I had this one.

I did it.  I really did it, and there’s definitely no stopping me now.

On Saturday another friend of mine, Carmen, stopped me and asked if I’d talk about how I got started with my running program.  I think this video is good for all of us, out there, who are starting to get fit.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing to get fit.  All that matters is that you commit and DO IT.

*Chris totally cheered me on when I gushed about completing my first 5K!

The Story of BlogHer {Part V}

Who: Five Super Cool Blogger Hosts
and … Special Guest Gavin DeGraw

What: Schick Intuition Kiss & Tell Party
Where: The Stone Rose, New York City
When: Thursday, August 5th 2010
Why: Official Event Photographer
{See The Complete Photo Set on Flickr}

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-183

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-182

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-191

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-197

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-200

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-213

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