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Updated:  The Canvas winner, as determined by is Jodi!  Congratulations!

Six years ago I created this space to write whatever came to my mind.   I also wanted to be able to document funny things our children did or said, because–naturally–our children are as funny as their parents.  For a long time, however, it was not made public.  The space was all mine, and if I wanted to write about how I just sneezed and tinkled, at the same time, I could.   Mostly, though, I wanted a space where I could–once again–write poetry and prose.   I’ve been writing here for six years, in addition to the various leather bound journals that amassed through my years before children.   Don’t even get me started on the forgotten notebooks and trashed pieces of napkin at the coffee shops.

I look at those old journals;
amazed at the words
that came out
from me
revealing who
I was back then
and how I’ve grown

Six years changes a person.   I’ve written some of my favorite pieces here, and look back amazed at the words that have come out from me.   I used to care how many people read or didn’t read, but mostly I cared about comments (read: peer validation).   Now, though, I only care about four people who will read (and have started to read) my words.

This blog is for them…

Six years with almost
two thousand posts
filled with words and photos;
I will continue to write
for our family’s posterity
Sometimes to laugh
Sometimes to cry
I want for [you]
To see what I saw

To hear what I heard
To enjoy what I enjoyed 
To feel what I felt
To understand what I understood
To see me as I see myself

In Her Eyes

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a “blog-o-versary” without presents!

One commenter will win their very own 16” x 20” rolled canvas print from

How, you ask?

Just comment telling me how long you’ve been blogging.

If you don’t blog, tell me what you would name your blog if you started one today!

The winner will be notified via email.

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