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Pork Makes the Party {and a Costco Cash Giveaway!}

To celebrate October as National Pork Month, Costco is offering discounts on top pork cuts from chops and roasts to pork tenderloin and boneless loins. Costco members can take advantage of weekly savings ranging from $2.00-$2.50.  And, I am offering $50.00 in Costco Cash, so keep on reading….
Between October 22 and 28, Whole Boneless Loin is $2.50 off at Costco. Boneless pork loins are super delicious and have often been used as a main dish in many of our family celebrations. Pork loins are also very versatile, not to mention they are low in fat without detracting from the flavor at all. They can be roasted, stuffed or cut into chops. I ALWAYS have a boneless pork loin in my fridge or freezer waiting to be cooked.
I hope that you use some of pork’s versatility to your advantage this holiday season.   It pairs perfectly with a wide variety of flavors and is classic when bringing people together for any celebration.
Pork Makes the Party, Costco Helps You Save, and I Want You To Be Entered To Win $50.00 in Costco Cash!
To enter to win the $50.00 Costco Cash have a look at this video from the National Pork Board.     After you watch the video just tell me what your favorite part of this video recipe was, and then you’ll be entered to win the $50.00 in Costco Cash so that you can go to Costco and take advantage of their awesome deals on pork.  Not a Costco member?   You can use your winnings to become a member to join in all the savings.

As for the recipe in the video:  I am definitely going to make this later this week!  Stay tuned and I’ll share how my version came out & I will pick a winner from the comments on this post (for the $50.00 Costco cash!)

This post is part of a campaign with The National Pork Board and The Motherhood.

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