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B onding over S’mores
A lways such a fun thing to do
S itting around a campfire
H ighlighting summer with bliss


I t’s in those special moments that we
N urture the child that lives within every one of our hearts, young and old


A mazingly we have the power to preserve that feeling, also enabling our children to remember these special times, too


B egin with three simple ingredients:  graham crackers, HERSHEY’S chocolate squares, and fluffy marshmallows
U tilize safety when roasting your marshmallow over open flame
C areful not to burn —unless you like it that way (I totally do!)
K now that exact moment when to place your marshmallow atop your chocolate and graham, and
E at your S’mores without a care in the world, without worry that your fingers and face are messy
T hat’s when you’ve achieved that S’mores zen, that feeling of summer and friendship and laughter and fun!

S’mores have become a regular bonding treat for my children and our friends.  They are so simple to make, even without making a bonfire; although, there’s something magically special about marshmallows that are roasted over open flame.
This summer, I suggest you get together the people in your life that make you happy, and throw a BASH IN A BUCKET party.    All you need for your bucket is graham crackers, HERSHEY’S chocolate bars, marshmallows, and sticks (or those fancy marshmallow roasting do-hickeys!)   Then you are ready to roll, making taste buds dance, hearts happy, and memories to last a lifetime.



Disclosure:  This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.

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