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Our Eyes

with our eyes almost fully grown at birth
there is amazement
at the growth truly possible
the things we see
through wide eyes open
through wide eyes shut
through questioning eyes
when we look to find
we see
when we do not look
we still see
while vision
may be impaired
we continue to see
and, I believe
our eyes
allow us to grow
until the day
we close them forever

Weekly Winners {The Faux Macreaux Edition}

All images shot on Saturday, February 26th, with my Canon Rebel XTi, 18-55mm lens, and my 10x Opteka Macro Attachment Lens.
{Manual Mode, at ISO 400, Evaluative Metering, and Auto White Balance.}

{visit for more winners!}

Weekly Winners {The Merry Christmas Edition}

On Christmas Eve Eve I took some fun shots of the two big boys, Mikey and Benny, in front of our tree:

I even got a traditional selfy pee in a Christmas ornament:

And a traditional bokehffected shot of the tree, too:

Then on Christmas Eve, Nicky came to us.  The same Nicky who is estimated to be 7 months old.  The same amount of months that have passed since our Sadie girl left us.  If you believe in reincarnation you might be inclined to believe that Nicky is—indeed—Sadie.

Christmas Eve was as blurry as the above photograph.  But, it was good blurry as the above photograph.  No, great effin’ blurry!

Michael and I got all the stuff done that needed to be done.  He put out the Christmas presents. I added the bows and filled the stockings.   He brought in Livey’s bike and I made sure to put out the Santa cookies next to the note that Olivia wrote.  The note that wished him well, expressed her love, and thanked him–in advance–for whatever presents he chose to leave for them.  Michael told me he still needed to wrap my present and sent me up to bed with the new, sweet puppy.   We tried to put him in the bathroom, but he cried and whined.  Needless-to-say he slept in our bed with us like all our puppies have done.   It’s all about tradition!

Nicky woke up at 3:00am.
David woke up at 3:00am.
Benny woke up at 3:00am.

What fun!

Finally, everyone was back asleep.   A few hours later I was awoken by Michael, as I slept in Davey’s bed.

“Mishelle, the kids are all up and I’m taking Nicky out,” he said.

Slowly, I got out of bed, washed up, put on my nice pajamas.   Shortly thereafter David woke up.   I was changing his diaper when Michael came up with Nicky.  Then Nicky pooped.  Then we cleaned it up.  Then I almost vomited.   After we got it cleaned up I went downstairs to wash my hands and pull my camera out of the closet.  I grabbed my bag and set in on the table before returning upstairs to rescue Nicky from our bathroom to take him out one more time before the festivities began.

I went out with Nicky while Michael came downstairs with the kids.

Once I came in I took off Nicky’s leash, took off my boots, slipped on my slippers and proceeded to the kitchen to get my camera.  I’d already missed some of the initial reactions, but I told myself it was o.k.   I grabbed my bag, opened it, and instantly saw my present.

Oh, I thought, he DID get me that battery grip.

Oh, I thought, wait! that doesn’t look like my camera, as I picked it up out of the bag.

I slowly turned it around and saw:

5D   Mark II


I turned around to the video camera in my face with Michael and the kids waiting for my reaction.


And I burst into tears.  It wouldn’t be spring time before I got my professional grade camera.  The time was now.  Michael got me, and he got me good.  He even had it all charged up, ready to go.

I’m still in some form of shock, I think.

Videotaping Me (as I cried when I realized he's switched my Rebel XTi for my new Canon 5D Mark II)

Little Nicky

Hot Chocolat-ay

Loving His Dino Rig

Checking Out Her Stocking Loot

Christmas Coffee

Me and My Camera

{The Whole Christmas Set on Flickr}

Finally, I’d like to profess my undying love for my trusty Canon Rebel XTi.   That camera’s been an amazing tool in helping me perfect my craft.  I’ve loved learning more about photography with her.  For now she’s put away, but she won’t ever be gone or too far from reach.

Canon Rebel XTi = Best Entry Level DSLR

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