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Meet María

MariaChris Mann and *María outside of the Room 704 Party on Thursday night at BlogHer.

Back in June of 2008, I read a post that just made my jaw drop.  I had just found the blogger that wrote it.  You know, the way we all somehow find each other; I spotted her name in comments somewhere (probably on Mr. Lady’s blog) and I was intrigued.  Immoral Matriarch?  Really?  Tell me more!   Then I read Dance, Dance.   I just had to know her.

I would comment a little bit here, and a little bit there. Mostly I read everything she wrote and became really fond of her.   What I liked most was her honesty.   And her dedication to being a mother, a strong one at that, to her daughters.   She’s been faced with adversity and from what I’ve seen she prevails.

There’s been something change in María though.  It totally has to do with a little four letter word.  A little four letter word that is so powerful and poignant.   L-O-V-E   I love watching this love story unfold via her boyfriend, Joey’s Cardboard Love site.  That little “interview” they did on there is totally awesome, by the way!  Her laughter is infectious.   My favorite thing about this whole thing, though, is that I heard the story of how they met and fell into the big, luscious vat of ooey-gooey love from María, herself.   

(P.S. María and Joey, I love that you guys had cybersex on the “first date”!)

Here’s the thing:  María and I may not have the same political beliefs.  María and I may not have the same skin color.  María and I may not feel the same way about Santa Claus.  None of this matters to me because I love María’s heart.  I love her sense of humor. I love her taste in music and men (have you seen Joey?)   I love…

I love the way she loves her friends, differences and all.

*María:  Say it with me class, “Mahhh-reeee-ahhhh”

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