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Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle

“You are fabulous,” she said as she locked her eyes on to mine.

{I sighed}

“You know you are fabulous, right?” she rhetorically asked.

{I nodded}

“Take a few minutes, go upstairs to your room, think about things, and when you come back you will feel so much better. O.K.?  I believe in you!” she easily said with the gusto that a thousand years of friendship could bring.  Only we had just met that very moment.

That was at Blissdom’09.  I was there to do a job.  I was hired under the pretense that I could do the job.  Of course I could, but self doubt started to creep in.   Out of nowhere this beautiful, extraordinary woman came to me.  In that moment Danielle was my angel.  She reminded me that I knew was I was doing.  She reminded me that I needed to just breathe.  She reminded me that I was there for a purpose and that I was the perfect one for it.   She didn’t “know” me, yet she totally knew me!   That’s an angel, right?

Yes, she’s an angel.  And how lucky am I that she is mine!

Danielle and MishellePhoto by: Angie

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