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It’s Over.

This Was #14

Potty training, that is….

It’s been a long, long road.  One filled with fear, uncertainty, stickers, and M&M’s.

Lots of M&M’s.

He’s not four.  He’s three and nine months.  So what if that’s close to four?

Finally! sitting on the toilet is fun.

And, oh, what fun!

Three boys to clean up after.


It’s over, and everyone’s celebrating.  Grandmothers* included.

*Mameen (Michael’s mom) sent Davey some poo-poo money.  Davey got new Thomas underwear and a new train, too!

The Potty Training Chronicles

This week has been interesting, to say the least.

On Monday I decided that enough was enough, and that this would be David’s week for potty training.

Monday and Tuesday were a bust.

On Wednesday I decided that i would not buy anymore diapers, and I bought him “pull-ups” instead.

Wednesday was hit and miss with #1.  Thursday was a complete success with #1.

The pee-pee side of the potty chart is FILLED with stars!

Number two is a totally different story.  A work in progress, if you will.

This morning he woke up dry and immediately went to Mr. Froggy, where he made a monster pee!

Today we’re still working on both #1 and #2 being a success.

There’s a promise of a red truck, M&M’s, and Chick-fil-A.

Honestly, I hope he does it because I would LOVE a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A today!

36 Months

Dear Davey,

Today you turned three.  Thirty-six months outside of my belly, in our arms.  Months have passed quickly, and with each one came something new; a new sound, a new action, a new mannerism, a new and improved David.  Three years seem too few for such a big personality to have formed.

A personality that is completely addictive with an abundant laughter that is infectious.  Your smile is deep and heart-touching.  Your intelligence is astounding and vast.   You are–simply stated–dynamic, lovable, brilliant, and delicious.

This year you have continued on your quest for knowledge.  You’ve even started drawing recognizable images.   Your love of Play Dough has developed much to Papa’s chagrin.   Santa knew what he was doing when he brought you a whole Play Dough kit for Christmas, though.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if you start reading this year.  You’re THAT smart.

The one thing I love the most about you is your musical ability; you are so musical, it’s not even funny.  Keep singing, little dude.   Let your heart sing out through the top of your lungs.

If God is a DJ,
Life is a dance floor,
Love is the rhythm,
You are the music…

Ze Cake He Wanted a Snowman Cake
IMG_0584 IMG_0585

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!  We Love You!

36 Months

love thursday {you capture bath time edition}

Bathtime Mosaic

This is {NaBloPoMo} {love thursday} {you capture}

A Really Useful Engine

He's a Really Useful Engine “Mama find Thomas?”

“I don’t know where he is, baby.”

“Papa find Thomas?”

“Papa doesn’t know where he is either, baby.”

“Where Thomas, Mama?”

“Oh, baby, I don’t know.”

“Davey wanna get him. Davey wanna have him.”

“I know, baby, I know.”

“Mama find Thomas?”

{heart break}

Daily for weeks, he would ask for his beloved Thomas.  Daily for weeks, we would look for him.  He was lost.  They were lost.  We had two.

He’d forget for a while, but he’d always remember.  He’d always go back to the same dialogue;  where’s Thomas, find Thomas, want Thomas, need Thomas.

I was very close to making a trip to the hobby store to get another Thomas, and it didn’t even matter that Christmas is just around the corner.  It didn’t matter that his birthday was either.

Then the other day, miraculously, Benjamin found Thomas.  We’d looked under David’s bed numerous times, but this time he was in clear view.  Benny stretched his long body under the bed.  He stretched some more and finally got a hold of the little blue engine.

“Look what Benny found!” he exclaimed.

David’s eyes grew wide with only a small dose of disbelief behind them as he said, “Benny find him.  Benny find Thomas!”

He hasn’t let go of him since.  He’s eaten with him.  He’s watched rain puddles gather with him.  He’s slept with him.  He’s tried to take a bath with him (but I wouldn’t let him as Thomas is already old and worn.)  He’s sat on the floor, hooking up the coaches, Annie and Clarabel, to him.

He’s not letting go.

And I hope he never lets go.

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