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The Past Two Weeks in Food

Michael and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on September 30th.  We decided to enjoy two lunches together instead of one dinner.  Bonus!  We got to spend more alone time together AND we had two spectacular meals.
Thus begins this food essay….
This was my plate from Atlanta Hwy Seafood Market.  I had the shrimp and crab-cake plate.  Michael had the grilled Mahi-Mahi and shrimp plate.  This food was just as good, if not better, than some of the down-home seafood we’ve had in New Orleans.  For real, child!
I had a bowl of Gumbo, and Michael ordered a bowl of Red Beans and Rice.  When we were half way through our bowl, we switched.
On Sunday, we went to our local sushi joint.  This was the aptly named Lover’s Roll.
Later on I presented Michael with this dessert.   A banana split made with love (and a lot of nuts!)
The next day I made some stuffed bell peppers.  All of the ingredients were bought at Aldi.   Which?  God, I wish they would open an Aldi in our town.
I’m sure, by now, you know that I am a Moe’s Ambassador.  This is one of my favorite ambassadorships.  Not only do I love the food and stand behind their freshness, I love our local Moe’s for the people that are they employ.    Great food, great atmosphere and kids eat free on Wednesday.   SCORE!
This week I finally made Banana Bread.   I adapted a from a recipe I found on Brown Eyed Baker (whom, coincidentally, is one of my favorite baking recipe sites.)
This past week Olivia, Davey, and I went to lunch with my friend Maria and her daughter.  Livey didn’t like her Hot & Sour soup.   Guess who loves Hot & Sour soup, though.  Me!!!
My mom sent us a care package with three jars of Ajvar (hot pepper spread) and one jar is almost gone already.  It’s a little spicy and goes super well with toast and feta cheese.
After almost 2 weeks of Michael being gone for work he took us all out for dinner, to Cheddar’s Casual Cafe, and I was able to cure my big, bad, burger craving with the Hickory Smokes BBQ Burger.
Yesterday, I drove through Billy’s Country Kitchen – Home of the Heavenly Biscuit for the first time ever.  I don’t know why I’ve never been here, in our over five years of living here, but I will definitely go back.  Not only for the biscuits, but the wonderful man that owns the place.  Our experience, at the drive through, was nothing short of blessed and favored.  The best thing about it is that we paired these Heavenly Biscuits with preserves that Michael brought back to us from Nashville’s Loveless Cafe.  The Peach Preserves are to. die. for.
Thank God for my gym membership!  For real.


Highlights From My Last Photo Shoot

I was so excited when Zumba Babe Maggie asked me to take her portraits.
Maggie wanted to do it in honor of her birthday, and I was so glad that she trusted me to do a “Heads (AND) Tails Photo Session”!  We actually did a triple threat shoot:  Zumba, Boudoir, and Portraits.


If you are local and are interested in your own “Heads and/or Tails Photo Shoot” just drop me a line and we’ll set something up!  

Zumba for a Cure in Dawsonville, GA

Zumba BabesWhen I first joined my gym the two group classes that were the deciding factor for me were Bodyflow (Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates) and Zumba.
I remember my first Zumba class.   I stood in the back.  It’s not that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.  It’s that I’m a perfectionist (stop snickering Michael) and I wanted to know most of the steps before I unleashed Crazy Dancing Mishi.
Weeks passed and I moved up a row.  More weeks, more rows.  Now-a-days I’m only comfortable on the side right side of the room (where most of my Zumba-Babes break it down) and towards the front row.
Last week, Kristy (my OG instructor) was sick and she sent a CD to one of our Zumba [Babes] in Instructor Training, Amanda.   A bunch of us that know the songs helped keep the class going, and it was so awesome.   It made me think that someday I’d like to do the Zumba Instructor Training?  For now I’m having fun just dancing in class.  Burning calories is purely coincidental.
There’s a group of us that have bonded.   We’ve gone to Zumba After Dark, Applebees to sing our Karaoke hearts out, dancing at the Ridge, we’ve sat in a wet sauna together, had breakfast in honor of a birthday, and we’ve also started to do Girls Nights In (our first one was at Stephanie’s — a Kinect Just Dance Night complete with Funtinis, Chocolate Vin and scrumptious tummy-yummies!)   I’ve even had the honor of being trusted to do a ‘Heads or Tails Photo Session‘ for Maggie, our gym’s Thursday morning Zumba Instructor, whom I totally miss shaking-it with in our Tuesday/Wednesday night class, but am so happy that she is following her dream of instructing!
What I’m trying to say here is that I don’t just go into class, sweat my ass off, wipe it off, and leave.  No way.  We stay and talk afterward, make plans, and support each other in all of our endeavors.
The latest one is in support of Lucy and Lisa.  They are doing the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer, and we are fully supporting them.   A fundraiser Zumba night was developed!   If you are in the Dawsonville area (or close enough) please consider coming!  I guarantee it will be OMGWTFBBQAWESOMESAUCESWEATYCRAZYCOOLFUN!
WHERE? Veterans Memorial Park
Directions to Veteran’s Memorial Park:
-Hwy 400 N to Hwy 136
-Left on Hwy 136
-Left on Hwy 9
-Veteran’s Memorial Park on Right
WHEN?  April 27th, 2012 from 6-8:30pm
HOW MUCH?  $10.00 per person
*All proceeds benefit the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer
WHOFeaturing local Zumba instructors Kristy Thornton Howard, Margaret Phiri, other guest instructors & YOU!!!
*Drinks & snacks will be for sale
*Raffle items including a Membership to Bodyplex Gym (and a session with a *cough*cough* local photographer!)
*Come spend the evening with us just having a great time while raising money for a great cause!



My mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mama!


A field trip to a pottery painting place called “Mug Me” in Dahlonega, Georgia.



A day of gratitude for those whom have served our country and protected our freedom.  Past, present, and future; they will forever receive my thanks.


Wishes were made on historical (leafy) sidewalks, old staircases that hold the footprints of our past, and open fields of hope, imagination, and dreams.


Oh, To Be Young Again

Next year marks 20 years since my Senior Prom. I’ll never forget the day… The Grateful Dead were playing at Rich Stadium and our limo driver got into a crash with a Volkswagen mini-bus filled with hippies.  Thankfully, the crash was before my date and I were picked up.  This made for some “fun” time spent on the back porch with my already uncomfortable date (I’ll save that story for another time, I promise!) and my whole family.  I’m just saying maybe getting into a crash with hippies might of been a whole different kind of fun.  Not to mention that there’s a video tape of me leaving, with said uncomfortable date, and you can clearly hear my father tell my uncle to “write down the license plate.”   You, know, just in case the driver was really a serial killer of something.  But, I digress…

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking pictures for a family friend’s daughter and her friends before their Junior/Senior Prom.  This group of kids was gorgeous.  Classy.  Elegant. Smart.  Polite.    Everything that makes a parent proud.  I could have stayed there all day, taking pictures!

These are my favorites from the day:


















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