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Weekly Winners {The Dog Lovers Edition}

Mikey Dog Sat For Our Neighbors This Week

Jake Love Mishi

Summer - Tattoo'd on my heart

These photos make me miss our Sadie-girl.  I wish she was with us, healthy and active, full of fur and spunk.   This week I’ve thought about her a lot.
I remember how she’d bark when Michael and I would play fight.  Oh, what fun it was to see her defend one and then the other, though I’m certain she defended me more.
I remember how she barked when she heard a ding on a game show on TV.   We never did get to watch that Ben Stein’s Money show because of it.
I remember how sweet she was, how good she was, how she was the perfect “first baby”.  Maybe not when she ate my nylons and pooped them out on my in-laws lawn.
I remember how she loved coffee.  Michael couldn’t hold a cup of coffee without her hounding him for a lick.
I remember how she would drool while we ate.  A strand of glistening jewels hanging from her jowls.
I remember how kids fell asleep on her.   Her belly the perfect pillow for a toddler.
Oh, the memories how they equally hurt and ease.
And, just now, as I write this post and think about it, I realize that it’s been two years without our brown sack of sugar.  Tears stream down my face because she was our best friend.  Two years seems like such a small amount of time.  Because, dammit, it feels like it’s been forever since I said goodbye to that sweet girl of ours.
They sure do leave a mark on your soul, don’t they?


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