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Weekly Winners {Trees and Leaves and Dreams}

Some of my fondest memories, as a child, are those long drives that I would go on with my parents.   We’d take off, and it would always start with looking at all the big houses.   The houses that we’d love to live in but, oh, who would clean all that square footage?   Myself, I would get lost in the fall colors.   Quietly, in the back seat, I would day dream about lying on the ground of the moist forest, looking up at the brilliant colors, absorbing the crisp autumn air.

Years later, I would find myself traveling those same country roads with Michael.  One year it was in my little, red truck, then it was on the back of his motorcycle, and finally in our first “family” car.   My favorite was the motorcycle.  There’s something about being on the back of one, arms wrapped securely around this man who you trust with every fiber of your being,  your mind meandering just as effortlessly as the bike zipped around the twists and curves.

I miss the motorcycle.  I miss those fall weekends—the ones so filled with youth—when we would take off and hit the countryside.  Not a cell phone in our pockets.  Not a worry in our hearts.  Just us and nature, and dreams of lying on the ground, looking up, getting lost in the splendor of fall.


Weekly Winners {Of Man and Nature}

“For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.  For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” —Edwin Way Teale

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